Build loyalty and seal the deal by offering
multiple ways to connect


Direct and personable, voice is usually the preferred channel for situations of high complexity,
urgency, and emotion. This channel enables customers to speak directly with an agent and engage
in a rapid, two-way conversation.


As mobile devices have become more ubiquitous, SMS has quickly transformed into the preferred communication channel for many customers. SMS-based support allows customers to bypass IVRs and directly reach an agent without having to verbally interact first. This flexible channel is best suited to situations of high urgency and low emotion that don’t require extensive explanations.

Social channels

“Listen” for key events in social media, respond quickly to comments and issues posted on Twitter, Facebook, and more. Take personal conversations offline for appropriate interaction and problem solving.


Filter and intelligently route requests sent via email. Track request progress from submission to resolution.


Chat gives your agents a powerful way to engage customers in support inquiries and in the purchasing process. Easily configure and route incoming chats to your agents. Leverage pre-scripted answers to commonly asked questions and best actions to boost conversion rates, speed up responses, and
increase sales.