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Alberta Area Codes

403 - Calgary Area Code
780 - Edmonton Area Code

Before late 2008 there were two known Alberta area codes that were being used to represent the province - area code 403 and area code 780. Area code 403 comprises the southern half of the province, while area code 703 covers the remaining northern area. With the increase in the number of residents and individuals purchasing these Alberta area codes, it is inevitable that all of those numbers will be exhausted. As a solution for this problem, area code 587 was introduced to provide new phone owners with their own numbers.

All of these Alberta area codes are used as part of the ten-digit numbers that are commonly being used in the province. This process is called ten-digit dialing, where callers have to add the area code to the Alberta local numbers that they are calling to. This process has become the standard way of calling Alberta numbers, or any number for that matter, since the area code informs phone companies where they would reroute the call. Now, others may find the numbers they are to dial as too difficult or complex to remember, especially if it is their first time to encounter them. As a result, people are discouraged to contact you via phone and just resort to other, more convenient means and even contacts. As such, having this set of numbers for your business could prove to be disadvantageous. Not only is it prone to being forgotten, it is also quite complicated to apply. Thus, it might result to significant profit and sales loss for your business and the disablement of your professional connection with your customers.

Now, you can eliminate this problem by availing of RingCentral business phone systems. Their phones provide you with vanity numbers. These numbers are easier to recall since they are alphanumeric and they leave a greater impression compared to the combination of Alberta area codes and Alberta local numbers. With a RingCentral phone system, not only can you resolve people's discouragement towards contacting your company, but you can also minimize the possibility of missing phone calls. In addition, it can also be used to promote your products and services. Since vanity numbers are personalized, you can choose a set that would immediately relate to what your company is selling. Furthermore, RingCentral business phone systems allow your customers to call your company free of charge. This is because you will be given a toll-free number, which is a number where the call recipient is the one who will shoulder the call costs. If this does not encourage people to flood your company with calls, then I don't know what will.

But wait, there's more! RingCentral also provides you the opportunity of choosing what area code you will use for your business phone system. Your company can be based in Alberta but you need not have Alberta numbers. Instead, your company can use the numbers of another place, whether in Canada or even the US. This would certainly give your company a big advantage in the local image it projects to its customers. RingCentral phone systems also allow you to transfer and forward calls with its call forwarding and call routing services. This would give you and your business more flexibility and eliminate the problem of missing any calls.

Aside from these services, RingCentral also provides your communication system with a lot of features and functions that would aid you in competing in today's business world. These features would include voicemail, Internet fax and virtual PBX among many others.