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Calgary Area Code 403

The Calgary area code which is the 403 area code is among the first area codes of Canada. It encompasses 30 provinces, including Calgary. With a lot of provinces having the same area code, it is not surprising that this area code will all soon be used up. As a precautionary measure, area code 587 will be utilized to serve as backup for the 403 area code. If you are going to call to this area you would need to dial a ten-digit number, even if you live there too. This means that even calling a Calgary local number would also require you to use ten-digit numbers. This system would be confusing for new users. Some might even mistake these numbers for an international one, thus they would not call thinking that it will be a long-distance call. This confusion would be a telling factor to the success or failure of companies who rely heavily on their business phone system. If there are many individuals who find it hard to distinguish long distance numbers to local ones due to the addition of Calgary area code, it would prove to be a big obstacle for businesses based in Calgary.

If your business is situated on this area and relies much on its telecommunications system, then you need to purchase of a telephony product that would aid in canceling the problems mentioned above. RingCentral is one such company that would provide your business with a business phone system that would solve all those problems. Another good thing about their telephone appliance is that it can be afforded by small and medium scale businesses. RingCentral business phone system will provide your company with a toll-free number. This is a non-geographical number, which means that you don't need to have a Calgary local number. In this way, you will not be tied up to a Calgary Area Code for you can use whatever area code you wish to use and not just be confined with a 403 area code. This gives your business a larger market for your products and services. You can specifically pick a certain area code in Canada or even in the US to serve as your business phone number.

You can also opt for additional features and services from RingCentral with their varied service plans. Their professional plan offers features such as the dial-by-name directory which would only cost you CDN$ 4.99 a month. This feature gives your callers the ability to dial numbers by your employees first or last name, thus giving them easier access to different employees of your company. This feature enables your company to give more convenience to your clients and would improve the business relationship you have with these customers. As more and more clients will benefit from this feature, your business will earn their loyalty and this would result to an increase in profit and sales. Overall, RingCentral telephony product gives your business more advantages and benefits than what you have paid for. Your business phone number has the option of not using a Calgary Area Code. Your business also need not keep a Calgary local number to make calls made to your company any cheaper, for calls made through RingCentral can be afforded.