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Edmonton Area Code 780

The Edmonton area code is part of Alberta's area code. Its 780 area code was created from area code 403 to meet the needs of providing new phone numbers for the growing population. When you want to call somebody in Edmonton, you would need to remember the Edmonton area code to be able to place your call. Your call will not be forwarded to Edmonton if you did not input the 780 area code. A typical Edmonton local number would be composed of ten-digits. Edmonton area code is the number in its ten-digit system that would serve as the address where the call will be routed.

The ten-digit dialing system takes time to get used to. It also does not give convenience to interested customers calling a business based on Edmonton, since they would need to recall the Edmonton area code plus the Edmonton local number in order to place a call. For the part of businesses, occurrences like this would hamper their customer recruitment. If you would not want this to happen to your business, then you need the help of RingCentral. It gives your company the ability of using other numbers aside from the Edmonton area code, which is the 780 area code. They are able to do this because they can provide you with a virtual number that you can use instead of the Edmonton local number.

RingCentral also provides your company a virtual PBX that contains all the features and functions of a corporate phone system but without the hefty costs. The ability of being able to have shared data and resources is given by the virtual PBX, provided that those who access are part of the extension that was registered with the service provider. A shared data would aid in keeping your workers informed of any changes or upgrades on your products and service, making it a very useful feature for companies that have several sites and for workers that work mostly in the field. Internet fax is a resource that can be shared, giving your employees the ability to do facsimile transactions. Your company will be able to save more money from this feature. This is because you will no longer need to buy new equipment as long as you can share them. The number of extensions that RingCentral can provide for your business phone system can be unlimited depending on the plan of service that you want to avail.

It also has a call log feature wherein you can review all the call transactions online. This ability can provide you with all the details of the call that had transpired. It even includes the date and time of the call. You can even review as far back as a month, giving you the ability of retrieving information that you can use as reference in the future.

There are still a number of features that RingCentral gives your business. Among them are professional recordings, call transfer, excellent customer support and click-to-call-me to name a few.