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British Columbia Area Codes

778 - New Westminister Area Code
778 - Richmond Area Code
604 - Vancouver Area Code
778 - Vancouver Area Code
250 - Victoria Area Code

The British Columbia area code is composed of three different area codes. It originally had a 604 area code, which was used for a long period of time. Inevitably, the population would grow and so would the demand for telephone numbers. As a solution, the 250 area code was created to supplement the need for the new British Columbia area code. This proved to be a short-time remedy for the 250 area code that was near to being completely filled that was due to the steady increase of population, and thus new phone numbers were needed once again. This led to the creation of the 778 area code, to meet the demand for new phone numbers in the said area.

British Columbia area codes are used in the ten-digit dialing system of Canada. In the ten-digit dialing system, the British Columbia area code is the first that you would input followed by the British Columbia local numbers. After properly inputting these numbers, you will now be able to connect a call in Canada. Ten-digit numbers must be dialed accordingly or you might end up calling other countries instead. This is the standard call procedure when calling in Canada, even if you are calling to British Columbia local numbers. This means that all British Columbia numbers are utilizing ten-digit numbers.

If you own a business, you would want to have a phone system that does not use a British Columbia area code. You would need to acquire a reliable and an efficient phone system in order to get ahead of the competition. RingCentral is just what your company needs. It can provide your business with a phone system that is packed with features and is inexpensive. Moreover, you can create a presence in key locations with the help of this system, which cannot be done when your business phone system has British Columbia numbers. It is able to do this with its toll free numbers feature. This feature also lets you select from more than 200 area codes that you can use to create a local presence. This frees your business from being restricted to using the British Columbia numbers. This system also enables voicemails that are transmitted through your British Columbia local numbers to be free. Voicemails are a very effective solution for receiving calls and messages in instances where you cannot find the time to answer the call. This gives your callers the option of leaving a message in your voicemail inbox and would assure them that their calls will be attended to as soon as you are available.

This phone system also has call routing services that routes incoming calls to numbers that are registered with their system. A unified system of communication can also be achieved with RingCentral business phone system. This service provider gives your phone system a main central phone number that contains several to unlimited number of extensions. You give your employees and offices with more flexibility and they are more accessible to clients with this service. Streamlining the flow of communication can easily be done with this feature.