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Westminster Area Code 778

New Westminster area code was created from the area code of British Columbia. Its 778 area code was designed as an overlay for area code 604. But with the growth of cities and the accumulating demand for new phone numbers, the New Westminster area code was extended. The 778 area code expansion covered more than 30 communities in the province of British Columbia. In mid 2008, 10-digit dialing was compulsory in the said area. This means that the traditional 7-digit way of dialing in the province would no longer allow you to connect a call. Even if you are calling from a New Westminster local number, you are required to dial a 10-digit number in order to place a call. You need to input the New Westminster Area Code plus the New Westminster local number if you want to call someone in New Westminster.

The 10-digit way of dialing was used to solve the problem of providing new phone numbers for individuals and companies. Individuals are not much affected by this dialing system, for the calls that they make and receive are not as many as those that businesses need to handle. Businesses that use the 778 area code may find that new phone numbers might result in a decrease in incoming call volumes. This is because 10-digit numbers are more difficult to remember. The worst case scenario here is that companies might end up losing their customers. You would not want that to happen to your own, right? Therefore, you need to have a business phone system that would give the most convenience to your customers. Connectivity with your employees and business partners should also be included in this telecommunication system. Moreover, this phone system must also be able to provide your customers with an easy-to-remember phone number compared to the combined numbers of the New Westminster area code and the New Westminster local number.

RingCentral can provide your organization with a phone system that will solve all the problems mentioned above. It also gives a lot of features that would help you maximize your business phone system's potential. It provides you with a toll-free number that can be modified according to your preference, to enhance the number recall among your clients. You have the option of retaining your New Westminster area code or picking a new one that would best suit your business. This service also gives great convenience to your customers. This is because any call made to your company is going to be shouldered by your business. The auto-attendant is also incorporated in its system. It acts as your company's receptionist, for it is the one that receives all incoming calls and messages. An auto-attendant is even better than a human receptionist for it can work 24/7 non-stop. This enables you to receive all incoming calls and messages even if you are not on the phone. Forwarding and rerouting of calls is also done by this excellent feature. Missed, misdirected and lost calls will no longer be a problem with this service installed in your business phone system. Another convenience it gives to your company is that it screens the calls for you. Call screening enables you to block a call before it is connected, which is vital for businesses that have toll free numbers.