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Richmond Area Code 778

The Richmond area code, which is the 778 area code, is shared by Richmond with more than 30 other provinces. It was created to serve as a backup number in case area code 604 and area code 250 will be exhausted. Back then, Richmond area code was either area code 604 or 250 depending on what the telephone company would give you. But as technology advanced and population mushroomed, the 778 area code was added to the list. The Richmond area code is now composed of three different numbers: 604, 250 and the newest 778 area code. These numbers are necessary in the 10-digit dialing system imposed on the province of Richmond. Supposing that you are from Richmond and you want to call your next-door neighbor, you still need to input 10 digits into your phone in order to call a Richmond local number.

The 10-digit dialing system of Richmond not only requires callers to adhere to dialing 10 numbers, but it also obligates companies to have their phone numbers and faxes comply with this system. It is troublesome for companies, to say the least.

To solve this difficult situation, companies have created a phone system that can work without having to use a Richmond area code or adhere to 10-digit dialing. This type of business phone system incorporates all the necessary communication devices into single equipment, and can also be used to enhance a company's computer services.

RingCentral is a leading telephony product service provider that can provide your company with all that and more. It provides your organization with a virtual number, thus you will not need to dial 10 digit numbers when you call a Richmond local number. Their business phone system gives your company the services of an Internet fax without the need for a facsimile machine. This saves your company money from having to buy this bulky equipment and spend for its operational costs like fax paper, ink and maintenance. Internet faxing also gives your company a lot of advantages. It is able to perform fax transactions at a much faster rate than traditional fax machines. Multiple copies can also be sent at the same time, which cuts your time expenditure in sending important information to those concerned. Passwords can also be encrypted on your Internet fax, thus providing you with security and privacy in your fax documents. In addition, problems on misdirected and lost faxes will no longer be experienced with this service. If you need to review certain fax transactions that had happened in the past, Internet fax would enable you to do that. This is because all the faxes that had been sent and received can be viewed and stored online, giving you more convenience. Furthermore, fax transactions can also be stored in your computer so you can go about it anytime. You will no longer need to hoard past fax transactions and store them in a file cabinet. You can now view them on your computer, as if you are just checking your email.