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Vancouver Area Code 604

On its nascent stages, the Vancouver area code was the 604 area code. It is among the original area codes given to Canada. In the late 90's, a geographical split resulted in the creation of area code 250 given to the province of British Columbia. Early in the decade, an additional area code was added to the Vancouver area code, the 778 area code. New phone numbers will be given a 778 area code because the 604 area code has all been used up. Nowadays, the Vancouver area code is composed of 604 area code and the additional 778 area code.

In the middle of 2008, the 10-digit dialing system in Vancouver implemented the year before became the official way of dialing a number in Vancouver. If one calls using 7 digits their call would not be connected, for this system would only recognize 10 numbers to be dialed. Calling a Vancouver local number also works in the same way. If your company is located in Vancouver your phone number will not change, but callers will have to include the Vancouver area code along with the Vancouver local number to place a call. Although your numbers does not change, some customers might confuse your area code with another, since Vancouver has two area codes. Instead of contacting your company, they would be led to another organization just because they pushed the wrong buttons. This scenario poses a problem for businesses that are located in the Vancouver area. Customers that would incorrectly dial either your Vancouver area code or Vancouver local number will not be able to contact you. This might result to lost profits for your business.

As a business, you must be able to adapt to the changes in you environment no matter how difficult or how hard it is. The ability to quickly modify and use the appropriate devices to suit certain changes would help ensure the longevity of your business. The business phone system offered by RIngCentral will aid you in achieving this goal and solve the problem that you are faced with. Their telephony appliance is packed with features that would eliminate the complications that come with the 10-digit dialing system.

It is equipped with a call controller that enables you to view both incoming and outgoing call transactions. This comes with configurable settings which would enable you to manage your calls better. Options such as call screening and call blocking are also included in the feature set. Call screening lets you know the important information about callers such as their name or the company that they represent. All this happens even before the call is connected, giving you the option of answering the call or not. Call blocking lets you block specific numbers from calling your company, thus providing you with a solution for blocking unwanted and unnecessary phone calls. It also has an auto-attendant that helps in filtering calls, which can also be used to send prerecorded voice messages to your customers. In instances where you cannot attend a call, the auto-attendant can attend to those calls and will also be able to give your callers important information.