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Vancouver Area Code 778

The Vancouver area code, known as 778 area code, was created out of necessity. It was needed to provide numbers for new phone owners. This was because the pioneer Vancouver area code has all been taken. Its purpose was just to supplement the original area code, but surprisingly the need for a new area code exceeded their expectations. They did not think that the pioneer Vancouver area code would be quickly exhausted. The efficiency of mobile phones which resulted in its proliferation is another factor that caused the fast accumulation of the original Vancouver area code by Vancouver residents. The formation of the 778 area code was not just to become a supplement but to be the sole supplier of Vancouver area code numbers as a solution to the current shortage. Companies and individual mobile phone owners can now be accommodated. Those who are in need of new numbers in the Vancouver area will now receive the 778 area code.

Telecommunication in Vancouver does not work the same way as in the US. They employ a 10-digit dialing system for all calls including calling to Vancouver local number. This transition was used as a quick fix for number shortage problem in the said area. When this system was first implemented until its later months, people can still call using the traditional 7-digit numbers to ready them for the changes. However, before their call is connected, they will hear a prerecorded message that instructs them to dial the area code. The following year upon its implementation, the 10-digit dialing system became a prerequisite. You cannot call without using this system; even a call to a Vancouver local number will not be connected. Regardless of your proximity to the person or company that you want to contact, calling a Vancouver local number would require you to input 10 numbers unto your phone.

It takes time for your customers and clients to familiarize themselves with your numbers. Although this would not be a problem for regular customers, it would pose a big obstacle in recruiting new ones. You have two options for solving this problem. You can either hope that your new clients will have excellent recalling capabilities, or you could purchase a phone system that would give your clients an easy-to-remember number.

RingCentral can help you achieve a more excellent communications for your business. Depending on your business preference, you can select which plan would best suit your company. All of their products will provide you with a toll-free number that allows you to have an alphanumeric contact number. Alphanumeric numbers are the easiest set of numbers to memorize that you can provide for your clients. Moreover, you can market your product and services by just this simple set of numbers. Your customers will also save on their communication expense if they call you. This is because your company will pay for the call that your customers will make. This service will increase the calls generated from this number and would help your company recruit new customers.