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Manitoba Area Codes

204 - Winnipeg Area Code

The Manitoba area code is one of the original 86 area codes assigned to Canada. Even if the province of Manitoba is ranked fifth in Canadian cities with the most population, the Manitoba area code is one of the few area codes that do not have an overlay area code. MTS or the Manitoba Telecom Services Inc., is the primary telecommunications carrier in the area. In the early 1900’s, when MTS was formerly known as Manitoba Telephone System, it purchased the telecommunications system from Bell Telephone Company. From then on, MTS was Manitoba’s main telecommunications systems provider. It was the one that supplied most Manitoba numbers. Telecommunication in the province is unlike what we are accustomed to, for they do not use the standard way of dialing 7 digits. For some time they also used the traditional way of dialing 7 numbers, but with the implementation of the 10-digit dialing system in the area they changed their way of dialing.

As there is a 10-digit dialing system that is in effect in the province of Manitoba, a call to the said location would require the caller to dial 10 digits in order to place a call. These numbers are composed of the Manitoba area code plus the Manitoba local numbers. This means that when placing a call to individuals residing in or businesses based on Manitoba, one should include the Manitoba area code in the numbers that they would input. If in any case the caller just dials the Manitoba numbers and did not include the area code, their call will not be connected. 10-digit dialing is also in effect when calling to Manitoba local numbers. The fact that there is a sole Manitoba area code, calling to Manitoba local numbers would only require callers to remember one area code.

Though that is more convenient compared to other provinces which have more than one area code, there is still a better solution that companies can use. It is through the use of a business phone system that frees you from being obligated to use Manitoba numbers. A phone system that is also flexible and powerful enough that would let you choose other numbers other than Manitoba local numbers as your company’s contact number.

RingCentral products will provide your company with a business phone system that would solve these problems. They can supply your company with a virtual number that is not geographically bound, which means you can get a specific area code even if you are not actually based there. RingCentral gives you a choice of selecting the area code of your customers to use as your contact number. If your customers are mostly based in New York, then it allows you to have a New York area code even if your business is located in Manitoba. This gives your business a local appeal to your clients living in that area.

Their product also provides you with call transfer and call forwarding options. These services allow your phone system to relay calls to any number that has been registered to the RingCentral system. Home phones and even mobile phones are included to the numbers that can be registered in their system. This would now give your business more mobility, since you can now receive important calls and messages even if you are not in your office. You can now do business on the road without worrying about missing any important business calls and messages.