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Winnipeg Area Code 204

Winnipeg is the largest city in Manitoba, Canada. It is only natural that the Winnipeg area code is the same as Manitoba’s area code, which is the 204 area code. The Winnipeg area code is also shared with other cities and communities located in the Manitoba province. The 204 area code is one of the pioneer area codes given to Canada. The 204 area code is also the only Winnipeg area code that is being used, for it has no overlay.

It is important that a caller to Winnipeg should remember the Winnipeg area code in order to place a call. This is because the province is under the implementation of the 10-digit way of dialing, which means that callers have to input 10 numbers in their phone in order for their call to connect. If a caller should fail to remember the correct set of numbers for the Winnipeg area code, even if they have the correct Winnipeg local number, their call will still not be connected. Clients living in the area are also required to do the same thing even if they are just calling from a Winnipeg local number. Though it is not much of a problem for clients who reside in the area, it would require customers who are not residing in the area to retain the area code and not just the Winnipeg local number. This scenario might lead to complications such as loss of customers and possible profits. Furthermore, this standard way of dialing in the province would be a problem in recruiting and inviting new clients.

You can avoid these complications and at the same time have an efficient way of customer recruitment. RingCentral business phone system will provide your company with a toll-free number, which is among the most effective ways of inviting new clients. Toll-free numbers are free for those who are calling, because this number charges the call to the called party and not on the calling party. Since this call is free for clients, they are now at ease in calling your company. This would also enable them to relay their concerns and questions without hastening their call. As a result, you will also be able to properly answer their questions and attend to their needs. More and more customers would be satisfied with your customer service and would thereby make them loyal to your company. Improved customer service will not be the only outcome of such a scenario. Having a toll-free number would also result in the rise in the percentage of incoming calls. This increase in incoming calls would also equate to having newly recruited customers.

All things considered, toll-free numbers provide your business phone system with the ability to encourage new customers to join your company and keep current customers loyal. The RingCentral toll-free number service starts at a low rate that can be afforded by small scale and medium sized businesses alike. They do not have double billing unlike other service providers. Furthermore, there are no hidden charges that you will incur. With all the advantages their toll-free service gives to your company, availing of one is surely a worthwhile investment.