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Newfoundland Area Codes

709 - St. Johns Area Code

On its early years, Newfoundland area code used to be 902, sharing it with four other provinces. In the middle of the 1950’s, the original area code was separated unto two, with area code 709 assigned as the Newfoundland area code. Currently, Newfoundland is in use of one area code that is also being used by Labrador, its neighboring province. Though there are two provinces that utilize the Newfoundland area code, it still has a considerable amount of available numbers that can accommodate new phone users. This means that Newfoundland numbers will still be using the same Newfoundland area code that has been in use since the split.

Since Newfoundland is in Canada, calling Newfoundland numbers would require one to dial 10-digit numbers. 10-digit dialing system is the official way of placing a call to Canada. All calls, including Newfoundland local numbers, use this system. The distinct disadvantage of this system is that local callers must dial the Newfoundland area code together with the Newfoundland local numbers to connect a call. This method of placing a local call differs from the US, where you are only required to dial 7 digits.

Businesses are the ones that are directly affected by this way of dialing. Before, their clients would only need to dial 7 digits. Now, they must add the Newfoundland area code. This gives inconvenience to customers, for they are the ones that must familiarize with the incorporation of an area code to the Newfoundland local numbers. As a result, some customers might tend to lose interest in calling just because they only remember your company’s Newfoundland local number and not your area code. Incidents such as this might result in lost customers and sales generated from them. A simple technicality in number dialing can affect the development of your business.

To avoid any unfavorable circumstances like this, you must do whatever it takes to help your business. The communications system of your business is the first thing that you must attend to, for this is the root of all the disadvantageous complications. Acquiring an outstanding business phone system will enable you to address these problems and also provide your customers with the greatest convenience. Furthermore, your phone system is the medium that connects you to your customers and other business contacts. RingCentral is a service provider that will be able to supply you with all the necessary features, services and functions that will help you obtain optimum performance from your business phone system. They will provide your telecommunications system with a cost-effective virtual PBX system. This gives you the ability of being accessible to your customers. This is because it allows you to have an unlimited number of extensions where calls and messages can be routed and forwarded to. Your home number and even mobile phone number can be registered as an extension. The home and mobile phone numbers of key people in your corporation can also be added. Extensions make it easy for customers to contact you and your employees, wherever you might be located. It would give great convenience to your clients since they can now keep in touch with your company and have their calls be attended to by the right people.