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Dartmouth Area Code 902

Dartmouth is a community located in the province of Nova Scotia. It would only follow that the Dartmouth area code is the same as the area code of Nova Scotia. The area code that is assigned to this area is the 902 area code. The Dartmouth area code is also the area code being employed in the province of Prince Edward Island. 902 area code is the area code employed to all communities situated in these provinces. The Dartmouth area code was once shared by a number of provinces. Nowadays, the 902 area code only operates in the provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Dartmouth area code is the sole area code being used in Dartmouth and does not have an area code overlay. Area code overlays are only used in areas that are densely populated and locations that have a steady rise in population. Dartmouth does not have these qualities. Its population did not have a significant increase in recent years. If this trend continues, the demand for new Dartmouth local numbers can be fully supplemented by the current area code in use for years to come.

The 10-digit dialing system is also enforced in the community of Dartmouth. Callers must input 10 digit numbers as a prerequisite in calling to Dartmouth local numbers. A call will not be connected if the caller will not dial 10-digits on his or her phone. This means that a caller needs to dial the Dartmouth area code as the first digits of their call for it to connect to Dartmouth local numbers.

Businesses in Dartmouth also utilize this system of dialing. As a result, customers are required to dial 10 digits to keep in contact with your company. Some of them might find it rather tiring dialing this many numbers, especially for those who are used to dialing 7 digits.

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