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Nova Scotia Area Codes

902 - Dartmouth Area Code

Nova Scotia area codes are utilized by the province of Prince Edward Island. This area code covers all the communities that are part of both Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. This is the only area code in Canada that is currently being utilized by two provinces as their main area code. Nova Scotia area codes were also used by other provinces during its early years. Provinces such as New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador have used the Nova Scotia area codes as their own before they had their respective area codes.

The province also does not employ any area code overlay plans. This means that there is only a single batch of Nova Scotia area codes being utilized in the area. Like all the provinces in Canada, the 10-digit dialing system is also in effect in the province. In 10-digit dialing, one must input 10 numbers to connect to a local number in Nova Scotia. A single area code gives callers some convenience as compared to calling other provinces in Canada.

Unlike Nova Scotia local numbers, other provinces have more than one area code. This would require callers to recollect all these area codes when they need to call. With a single area code to recall, callers have a much higher chance of retaining the number. Multiple Nova Scotia numbers only need a single area code to be reached. Whether you are planning to call Nova Scotia local numbers or a Prince Edward number, you use the Nova Scotia area codes to place the call. This is what makes some callers apprehensive when they place calls on such numbers. Even if your company is based in Nova Scotia, they might mistake your company to be from Prince Edward due to the same area codes that you use. Thus, they would refrain from calling your business.

Although customers only have minor obstacles to tackle when calling Nova Scotia numbers, it is much advantageous to a business if these obstacles are removed. RingCentral business phone system will rid your clients of these problems. It provides the best accessible features that no other communication system can offer. Their features and functions enable your customers to reach your business at any day and time should they require assistance.

The RingCentral business phone system is equipped with an auto-attendant that is in charge of answering all incoming calls, messages and faxes. It is also the one responsible for forwarding and routing calls and sending voicemails. The best thing about this feature is that it can work 24/7, a feat that cannot be done by a human receptionist. RingCentral also has call forwarding and call transfer features that would allow your clients to keep in touch with you and your employees. Since it is programmable, you can customize it to forward calls to specific numbers that you have registered with the RingCentral system. For instance, if a number that your customers call would not be answered for a specific time it would be forwarded or transferred to another number until it finds the person that the call was addressed to. Mobile phones can also be included upon the set of numbers that the call can be forwarded to. This decreases the occurrence of missed or lost calls.

With RingCentral taking care of your phone systems, your Nova Scotia local numbers would never again be mistaken for other provinces.