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Aurora Area Code 289

The Aurora area code has been utilized since the middle of 2001. Its area code is more known as the 289 area code, which is an overlay of area code 905. 289 area code was the area code assigned to new phone numbers because area code 905 has all been taken. The Aurora area code is among the many area codes being employed at the province of Ontario, Canada. The Aurora area code covers the suburban Toronto area, Oshawa, Hamilton and the Niagara Peninsula.

Prior to the full implementation of the 10-digit dialing system, there was a grace period where callers are being instructed on how to properly call via this system. Callers who forgot to input the Aurora area code and just dialed the Aurora local number will be notified by a prerecorded message. The message instructs the caller on how to properly key in the right numbers and they will be reminded to use the 289 area code the next time they call. Their calls will still be connected after the message has been relayed unto them. The grace period lasted for several months to get more callers acquainted with this new system. After the said period, Aurora callers that did not include the Aurora area code when calling to an Aurora local number will not be able to connect to their calls.

This is the official way in placing a call in Canada. Callers will just have to get used to this. As a solution, callers can put the numbers of people and businesses in speed dial or store it in their phone book.

But what if it's their first time to call the number? Even if they have correctly remembered the area code number, there is a chance that they would jumble the numbers of the Aurora local number of the organization that they want to call. This does not bode well for businesses wanting to recruit new clients. Recruitment is not as easy as it was when callers only need to key in 7 digits on their phone. Retaining numbers is not a hard task to do, but it also should not be a burden that your clients must carry.

To be a successful business, you must be able to properly address the needs and concerns of your customers with regards to the products and services that you offer. To be able to do this, you would need a reliable communication system that would enable your clients to keep in touch with your company constantly. RingCentral enables your company to do just that. With a feature-packed product that is also cost-effective, you equip your business with a communication tool that is incomparable to other products available. The features and services that it gives are similar to what phone systems of big conglomerates have but at lower costs.

RingCentral provides your company with a virtual PBX system that allows your customers to easily contact you or your employees via its dial-by-name directory feature. Your clients can specifically state the first or last name of the person in your company that they would want to speak to. They are then given the extension number of that person. This feature gives your clients the most accessibility no other communication tool can offer.