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Brampton Area Code 289

Brampton area code is used in areas that are located in Southern Ontario. Aside from Brampton, there are also other major cities that employ the Brampton area code such as Mississauga and Vaughan. It is also the area code that is utilized by other cities and communities located near that area. The said location currently employs 2 area codes. One is the original 905 area code and the other one is the 289 area code. On the onset, Brampton area code was only one used. Population increase, the establishment of new industries and companies, as well as the proliferation of mobile phones led to the creation of the 289 area code. The 289 area code used to be an overlay area code for Brampton's pioneer area code but it later became an official area code to augment the supply of phone numbers.

Originally, the Brampton area code was created as a tool that callers outside of Brampton can use to connect their call to Brampton. This is not the case in the 10-digit dialing system that is being implemented in the province. An individual within the premises of Brampton who want to call a Brampton local number will have to key in the Brampton area code for their call to connect.

The transition from 7 digits to 10 digits was born out of necessity, when there was the problem of number shortage. Callers need time to get used to this way of communication. This can cause some inconvenience to callers. Instead of being able to talk to the person or company, they are sometimes directed to another organization if they had mistakenly dialed numbers.

In the case of calling to a Brampton local number, callers must keep in mind that there are currently two area codes being employed in the area. They must correctly key in the right set of area codes in order for their calls to get through to the individual or business that they want to call.

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