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Brantford Area Code 519

The Brantford area code, also known as the 519 area code, includes most of southwestern Ontario. It came about from segments of other area codes in order to delineate the Brantford area from other areas that use the same area code. As time passed, areas of the 519 area code, together with some parts of another area code, made up the 705 area code. This is because of the considerable rate of increase in population in the area. The need for new phone numbers has become important in Ontario since it is the fastest growing city in Canada. New area codes would help solve the looming problem of phone number shortage that the Brantford area code alone cannot supplement.

In late 2006, the 519 area code was overlaid with area code 226 to increase the number of available phone numbers. This new Brantford area code will be the numbers given to new phone owners and mobile users. It was also during this period that the 10-digit dialing system was initiated. In a 10-digit dialing system, a caller to Brantford will also have to punch the Brantford area code along with the Brantford local number to connect the call. This way of dialing confuses some of the callers because some Brantford local numbers use the new area code while others are still using the old area code.

For businesses that have long been established, they have the old area code. New businesses have to use the new area code. The problem here for businesses is that if they already own an old area code and they have plans to add new phones, their new numbers will have a new area code. In the eyes of the customer, Brantford local numbers with different area codes would mean that these numbers are not associated with each other. This scenario would be disadvantageous to your business. Customers calling numbers with different area codes would think that they are calling from separate businesses.

To avoid causing confusion to your customers and to further enhance the visibility of your company, you would need a communication system that would have extensions that share the same area code or main central number. This is what RingCentral can give to your organization. They have features that would allow you to retain the same central number with an unlimited number of extensions. This feature gives your company room to expand and grow without shelling out expenses. The best thing about the extensions that they provide is that they can also be connected to locations or offices that are far the area of the main central number. This gives your business the ability to further reach out to new customers and clients outside of the Brantford area.

Furthermore, home phones and mobile phones can be included as extensions of your RingCentral number. Mobility and flexibility in business have never been better. RingCentral telephony products give your company more visibility in the market than what your Brantford area code can ever give. With their virtual phone number, your business will stand out among the rest of the competition.