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Burlington Area Code 289

The mushrooming of mobile phone lines and secondary phone lines used in fax machines and dial-up Internet has led to the creation of a new Burlington area code. Originally, Burlington only had a single area code with an area code overlay. But the demand for new phone numbers caused the overlay 289 area code to be put into service as one of the Burlington area code.

The 289 area code is utilized in the same area as the original area code. This is because they did not split the places covered by the pioneer Burlington area code as what have been done in the past. The 289 area code will be the area code that will be supplied to new phone numbers in the Burlington area. As a result, there are now 2 area codes that are employed in that location.

The 10-digit dialing system is also implemented in this area of Canada. All numbers in the Burlington location must be dialed with a Burlington area code and its Burlington local number. Residents in Burlington that are used to dialing the Burlington local number to make a local call will have to key in the Burlington area code first in order for the call to connect. This system of dialing has changed the number of digits required to be keyed in from 7 to 10.

With two area codes that have no geographical difference, the same company in the same location could have different area codes in use. This would happen if the company has just newly expanded or added a new extension. This would get some callers confused as to what area code to input when calling a Burlington local number.

In order to save your customers from confusion and to avoid difficult situations for your business, you need to have a communication system that can eliminate these problems and at the same time enhance your company's quality of communication. This is what RingCentral can do for your business. With its feature-packed telephony products that are also affordable, you are able to solve the problems that are posed by the 10-digit dialing system without spending too much cash.

A toll free number is given by RingCentral to recruit new clients and keep customers loyal. Calling to this number will not cost a single cent since the call is going to be paid by the receiving line. This service would inspire customers to call you more since the call is free for them.

RingCentral provides your business phone system with call screening and call blocking features that really come in handy when you have a toll free number. Call screening gives you the ability to know important information about the caller even before the call is connected. Armed with the information about the caller, you can then choose whether to answer the call right away or send it to your voicemail inbox. The voicemail inbox is where calls are forwarded to when they are not readily answered. It gives you convenience in selecting, whether to answer the call right away or answer it in a more convenient time for you. This feature is important to define business hours and handle calls when you are currently in a meeting and cannot afford to be disturbed. Call blocking allows you to permanently block specific numbers from contacting your company.