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Hamilton Area Code 905

The Hamilton area code was brought about by the geographical split of another area code. It was a realigning of NPA (numbering plan area) boundaries, with some areas retaining the previous area code and the remaining others given the 905 area code. This was the solution that the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Commission) have provided for Canada. The splitting of the area code also brought with it some type of stereotyping phenomenon. Since most of the areas using the area code 905 are in the suburbs of Toronto, they are sometimes compared to those that live in the Toronto proper which are using the 416 area code.

The 905 area code encompasses areas in Southern Ontario, including Hamilton and other surrounding communities. The Hamilton area code is also among the many area codes being used in Ontario. It is surrounded by area code 519 in the west, area code 613 in the east, area code 705 in the north and area code 716. The Hamilton area code was first assigned in the early 90's to meet the growing demand for new phone numbers in the province of Ontario. In the following years, the Hamilton area code was given an area code overlay in 2001 to serve as a backup. The numbers of the 905 area code was depleted in late 2005 and its area code overlay is utilized in its place.

The Hamilton area code is of great importance to the residents and businesses based in Hamilton. This is because it is used together with the Hamilton local number to contact someone from that area. If you only dial the Hamilton local number, your call will not be connected. This is the way the 10-digit dialing system operates in the state of Canada. This poses a problem for businesses residing in that area. Not only do they have to contend with being stereotyped because of their area code, but also have to contend with the flaws that come with the 10-digit dialing system.

You would want to have a different area code to avoid some complications that might affect your business. This is where the RingCentral business phone system can provide solutions for your company. They can provide you with a non-geographical number with your choice of area code. RingCentral provides your organization with more than 200 area codes to choose from. You can pick any area code in Canada or the US, or retain your old area code to serve more customers in your locality. This service gives your company unmatched flexibility that cannot be given if you just use the old Hamilton local number.

RingCentral also provides you with free voicemails that are sent and received via your local number. Another useful feature that it provides to your company is its ability to forward and transfer all incoming calls to any number that you have registered with their phone system. This gives you more mobility in business and helps you concentrate more on the core activities of your business.