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Kingston Area Code 613

The Kingston area code or the 613 area code is one of the pioneer area codes of Canada. This has been in use since the late 1940's. The Kingston area code is used as an area code for Ottawa, Kingston and other nearby Eastern Ontario cities and communities. The Kingston area code is also among the nine area codes that are currently employed in Ontario. Ontario has many area codes in use because of its high density in population. Furthermore, there are also many businesses and companies that are based in Ontario.

The 613 area code also has an area code overlay like other area codes in Ontario. The Kingston area code overlay is the 343 area code. This overlay area code will become a regular area code once all the 613 area code are exhausted. Telecommunication experts estimate that this might happen in the late months of 2011. It would mean that new phone numbers given during that time will have a new area code.

The number of area codes being employed in Kingston is of vital importance. This is because the 10-digit dialing system is also in effect in Kingston just like the rest of Canada. It is a process that requires callers to key in 10 digits when they call. This means that they have to dial the Kingston area code before the Kingston local number. Fortunately for the callers and businesses in Kingston, they currently have only one area code in use. Callers only need to retain the Kingston local number if they want to place a call. This also gives them an easier time in calling compared to provinces that utilize more than one area. Meanwhile, businesses will need only to remind their clients about a single area code to keep their lines of communication open.

Although it is better than having more than one area code to input, a business must take the initiative to find a way to enhance their communication with their respective customers. It is ideal for your clients to never need to memorize the area code and the Kingston local number. All of these can be provided by a business phone system, specifically the products from RingCentral. Their products are first-class and come with a variety of features and functions. RingCentral business phone systems also have different types of plans that would suit the needs of company and the demand of your patrons.

A business contact number that is easier to recall is the vanity number. RingCentral can provide your business with this beneficial feature. Vanity numbers are alphanumeric, which means that they are a combination of alphabets and numbers. This alphanumeric number will be chosen by you. This gives you the power of selecting the right combination of alphabets and numbers that would help boosts the visibility of your company. In addition, vanity numbers are much easier to recall compared to a random set of numbers.

RingCentral business phone systems also provide professional recordings for your communication system. Callers will be greeted with customized professional greetings that you can modify. The incorporation of voice and background music is also based on your choice. These customizable greetings are cost-effective and add quality to the phone system of your business.