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Kitchener Area Code 226

The Kitchener area code is one of the many area codes currently being used in the province of Ontario. The southwestern part of Ontario is where the Kitchener area code is assigned to. It is composed of two area codes, the original area code 519 and the new 226 area code. It first served as an overlay area code for the original 519 area code. The steady increase in population and the popularity of mobile phones led to the depletion of the original area code supply. These factors coupled with the clamor for new phone numbers had facilitated the transition of the 226 area code from an overlay area code to one of the official Kitchener area code. It would only mean that new phone numbers will have the 226 area code even if its just an extension of their main number.

Since Kitchener is in Canada, its telecommunication process is covered by the implementation of the 10-digit dialing system. In a 10-digit dialing system, dialing the Kitchener local number only will not connect your call. For your call to get through, you are required to input the Kitchener area code before dialing the Kitchener local number. This is also the case even if you are calling from Kitchener. With two area codes in the area, businesses must remind their customers about the Kitchener area code that they are using. Dialing the right Kitchener local number but an incorrect area code would lead customer calls elsewhere. This scenario could result in lost profits for your businesses.

Problems like these can give any business a hard time, especially during these financially challenging times. All of this can be avoided with the help of a business phone system. The best thing about it is that even small and medium scale businesses can afford this product. RingCentral provides a telephone solution for this problem. They have plans and services that cater to all types of businesses. Although their products are inexpensive, they do not come cheap on their features and services as quality on both staff and components are deployed by the company.

RingCentral provides your communications system with a feature-rich virtual PBX that can compete with the expensive phone system of big multinational companies. Virtual departments and multiple to unlimited number of extensions can be derived from this cost-effective product. Both these features help your company project a big corporate image to your clients and competition alike. You can also include the home and mobile phone numbers to the extensions of your business phone system that allows you to create virtual departments. This also makes it possible to connect all your employees from different sites through one main central number. Announcements and notifications can also be sent at a much faster rate with the aid of these extensions.

You can also provide easier company access to your customers through RingCentral toll free numbers and call forwarding features. Toll free numbers encourage clients to call you more often because it is free for them. Your company is the one who will shoulder the costs of their calls. When your customers are looking for a specific person in your company, you can simply forward them to the number of that person through call forwarding. This would ensure that your clients will be attended to by the person whom they are looking for.