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Markham Area Code 289

The Markham area code has an area code overlay, which is the 289 area code. This can be used as a backup in case the supply of the original area code will be depleted. The Markham area code is also shared by other districts in the Southern Ontario area. The pioneer area code of Markham, which is the 905 area code, came from its geographical split with area code 416 on October 1993. There are still certain parts of Ontario that have retained the 416 area code while others got area code 905.

In 2002, the 10-digit dialing system was implemented in Canada. Keying in the Markham area code along with its overlay, the 289 area code, became mandatory when placing a call to Markham. Not only do callers have to input 10 digits on their phone, but they also have to remember the right Markham area code for the person or company that they would like to call. This is because the overlay 289 area code is also used in the same places where its pioneer area code is being employed. The 10-digit dialing system also affects calls made to a Markham local number as the Markham area code must be dialed in prior to the Markham local number in order for the call to get through. Clearly, making a call to a Markham local number is not as easy as it used to be.

The complications brought about by the 10-digit dialing system can be prevented with the help of an efficient and outstanding telecommunications system. A small business needs a product that is competitive, reliable and at the same time is affordable enough for small and medium sized businesses to avail. All of these can be provided for with RingCentral business phone system. Their products are equipped with a wide array of features that are comparable to corporate phones used by multinational companies. They also have several plans that you can choose from, giving you the power of selecting what's best for the interest of your company.

RingCentral gives you a virtual phone number that provides your business more visibility on the market. This virtual number can also be posted on the Internet and serve as a link to your phone system. Clients who would click the link will instantly be dialing your company's phone number. This is the click-to-me feature that comes free with all RingCentral plans.

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