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Mississauga (Malton) Area Code 289

The Mississauga (Malton) area code is among the many area codes being utilized in the province of Ontario. There are a number of area codes in Ontario not because of its size but due to number of people and companies that are based there. This large number of residents and establishments equates to a considerable amount of phone numbers in use. Mobile phones, faxes and other communication equipments that are in need of phone lines have contributed to the creation of several area codes and overlay area codes in Ontario. It is in Ontario's Southern parts that the Mississauga (Malton) area code is being used.

The trend of having overlay area codes is also evident in the Mississauga (Malton) area. Its overlay area code is the 289 area code. It was introduced to the public in the middle of 2001. The first Mississauga (Malton) area code was all used up in the later months of 2005, thus the 289 area code will become the area code of phone numbers that will be given starting from that time onwards. Since the 289 area code is an overlay area code, the places where the previous area code was used will also be the locations covered by area code 289.

Some years after the conception of the Mississauga (Malton) area code overlay, the 10-digit dialing system was also started in the province of Ontario. It is a process of dialing 10 digits instead of the traditional 7 to make a call. Calls that are done with just 7 digits will not be connected anymore, regardless if it is a call to a Mississauga (Malton) local number or not. The 10 digits are composed of the Mississauga (Malton) area code and its corresponding Mississauga (Malton) local number. This gives the callers 3 more digits to input on their phone before they can make a call.

Dialing another 3 digits is not much of a hassle, but will your clients be willing to go through that process? Are you confident enough that callers will still be pouring in to your company even with the added numbers? To be able to guarantee that your customers will not be put into that trouble, you need to have a phone number that will not be restricted by the 10-digit dialing system. You need a phone system that will not only ensure that customers will keep calling your company but also be able to increase the incoming call volumes that you generate.

RingCentral telephony products and services will provide your company with all the benefits and advantages that you cannot get if you would rely solely on a Mississauga (Malton) local number. RingCentral will equip your business phone system with a toll free number. With this feature, you can see a significant growth in the number of incoming calls that are made to your company. Recruitment of new clients will not be as hard as it used to be. Since interested callers will be the one calling your business and not the other way around. This is because a call made to a toll free number is free. Current customers will also be encouraged to call you more to ask any concerns regarding your product, and they would be taking their time in relaying to you the matters that they would like to discuss. This feature allows them to send you the right information regarding their concerns and would also enable you to attend to these concerns appropriately.