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Mississauga (Streetsville) Area Code 289

One of the many area codes being used in the province of Ontario is the Mississauga (Streetsville) area code. This area code was created in October 1993 out of the original Canadian area codes. The split happened because of the rapid rise in the population of the Metropolitan Toronto area. Residents were not the only ones that were constantly increasing but also the number of companies as well. This event led to the considerable amount of customers needing their own set of phone numbers. This initiated the need for a new Mississauga (Streetsville) area code. What the authorities did was to geographically split certain parts included in the said location. The Mississauga (Streetsville) area code is used in the suburban Greater Toronto area, while the remaining areas were retained by the original area code.

It took a long time before the Mississauga (Streetsville) area code was exhausted. This time the authorities have brought up another answer to the number shortage problem. The 289 area code was created as an area code overlay for the Mississauga (Streetsville) area. Unlike the previous solutions, this process did not require the place to be geographically separated by different area codes. Instead, the 289 area code had the same areas as the previous area code. Places that used to have the earlier code will now be given the 289 area code if they want to add extensions or a new phone line.

Overlay area codes were created to remove the hassles generated from the split of area codes. Places will now be utilizing 2 area codes instead of one. This created more confusion than what the previous solutions had done in the past. Such is the case of the Mississauga (Streetsville) area code, especially with the 10-digit dialing system being implemented in the area. In this system, a caller needs to dial the area code of Mississauga (Streetsville) before they can call to a Mississauga (Streetsville) local number. Since the place owns 2 area codes, callers must properly dial the correct area code else they get their calls connected somewhere. This system of dialing has given callers additional numbers to memorize aside from the Mississauga (Streetsville) local number.

This scenario poses such a big threat to the communication of the businesses located in that area. Aside from competing with other businesses, they would now also have to advertise the area code to their callers along with their Mississauga (Streetsville) local number. Now this would be tiresome and also expensive for businesses. Advertising is not free; one needs to spend cash to get their products and services promoted. Furthermore, small and medium scale businesses can hardly afford additional expense.

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