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Newmarket Area Code 289

The Newmarket area code is 905. As with other Ontario’s local numbers, it also has an area code overlay, the 289 area code. Southern Ontario is the dialing area of the Newmarket area code. It also covers nearby suburban Toronto communities like Oshawa and the Niagara Peninsula. The 289 area code is now currently being tapped as the location’s new area code since the supply of area code 905 numbers has long been depleted. The 289 area code governs the same communities and cities once serviced by the original Newmarket area code.

When making a call to a Newmarket local number, callers also need to input the Newmarket area code in order for the call to connect. If the caller only keys in the Newmarket local number their call will not get through. This is because of the 10-digit dialing system that is being enforced not only in the Newmarket area but to the whole state of Canada as well. This system even applies to persons calling inside the premises of Newmarket. Calling to a Newmarket local number is now comparable to calling to a location with a different area code. Both have the same principles that are being asked when placing a call, wherein a caller must dial 10 digits. These 10 figures are composed of the location’s area code plus its local number.

If you are an individual living in Newmarket, this new way of dialing will not cause you much trouble. Your friends can still contact you using other means of communication such as the Internet, thus you are not dependent on your local phone number for your communication processes. However, this is not the case for businesses based on that area. Most deals and transactions still need to be done on the phone. Any obstacle to their telecommunication system would result in lost profits.

The RingCentral business phone system can prevent this from happening. They have a wide array of services and features that removes all the obstacles in communication. They provide your customers with the greatest of ease when contacting your business. RingCentral gives customers accessibility to your business through their click-to-call-me feature. It allows your customers to contact your company with just a simple click of a button. The click-to-call-me feature is an Internet application where clients can click on a link and be dialing the number of your company instantly. This feature is very useful nowadays since almost all businesses and households have Internet access. New target market and a wider range of possible clients are also among the advantages that you can get from this service, which a phone number with a Newmarket area code cannot give. The best thing about this service is that it is free when you avail of any RingCentral plans. This feature not only gives your company a lot of benefits but saves cash as well.

The click-to-call-me feature of RingCentral is also incorporated to its other services. Call screening, call forwarding, call transfer are among those services. This feature can also be managed through the Softphone, which is also provided by RingCentral. These are just some of the services and features that aid your company in achieving an excellent communications system.