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Oakville Area Code 289

The Oakville area code was born out of a split from area code 416, which is one of Canada’s original area codes. It was first used in the suburban Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in the late months of 1993. The Oakville area code is also known as area code 905. It also is employed in areas near the GTA, specifically those that are located in the Southern Ontario area. The 289 area code is the area code overlay for the Oakville area code. The use of the 289 area code as an overlay area code was accepted during 2000 and was fully operational on the following year. The primary reason for such a quick transition from an overlay to the primary given Oakville area code to new phone numbers is because of the fact that the original area code has all been used up.

Aside from the previous Oakville area code, the 289 area code will now be added to the numbers a caller is required to dial when calling to an Oakville local number. This is the way calls are placed in Oakville since it is included in the areas governed by the 10-digit dialing system. Unlike in the past wherein callers can just directly dial the Oakville local number, callers must also add the area code for the call to get through. This way of dialing could pose problems to businesses, since it is their communication system that will be affected.

Businesses must take necessary actions to eliminate possible problems and complications that the 10-digit dialing system might bring. Since this problem directly affects the communication system, businesses need to look for a business phone system that would solve these problems. It must also be able to provide many features that would enhance the communication performance of your company.

It must have features and services that would give the utmost comfort for clients when they want to contact your business. One feature that would be irresistible to customers is free calls. No one would want to pay for anything if they can get it for free. Another quality which is not as irresistible but as significant to callers is accessibility. A free call will not matter if callers cannot contact your company; it will only make them frustrated. A free call without accessibility will only create more harm than good to your company.

These are the qualities of a communication system that would help solve your problems. This is what RingCentral business phone system brings to the table. Their communications systems have toll free numbers that would enable incoming calls to be free, which cannot be attained with an Oakville local number. A feature such as this would influence people to call your company even if it’s just an inquiry. You will also be able to recruit customers from the incoming calls this feature generates.

It also has an auto-attendant that works like a human receptionist, only better. Unlike a person, it does not tire and doesn’t need any breaks. The auto-attendant even works on holiday s and weekends. In short, it works 24/7 non-stop. With this feature, customers can contact your company and be able to relay their questions and concerns anytime and any day. It is also able to forward and transfer calls and messages to numbers that you have registered with the RingCentral system. This feature eliminates the problems of missing any calls when you are not in the premises of your office.