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Ottawa & Hull Area Code 613

One of the original area codes given to the state of Canada during the late 1940's was the Ottawa & Hull area code. It is one of the several area codes given to the province of Ontario. The Ottawa & Hull area code is employed in the Eastern Ontario area. It is also known as the 613 area code. Currently, it is still one of the few area codes in Ontario that is yet to be exhausted. The authorities though are not taking any chances; in 2007 they have already picked an area code overlay for the 613 area code. This plan was approved by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission) on September of the following year. This overlaid area code will be used if the 613 area code will be depleted sooner than what the authorities expect.

The Ottawa & Hull area code is also used in the 10-digit dialing system that governs the telecommunication systems of the Ontario province. Callers must dial 10 figures instead of the traditional 7 digits for calls to work. The 10 digit system is comprised of the Ottawa & Hull local number and the 613 area code. The caller must first input the Ottawa & Hull area code before the Ottawa & Hull local number, misplacement or any wrong number input would result in unconnected calls. People making calls to this area are fortunate enough to just have one area code to remember. They will only need to recall a lone area code and the Ottawa & Hull local number of the place that they want to call. Although this is far more convenient than having to memorize more than a single area code, it does not change the fact that customers still need to dial 10-digit numbers.

You can free your customers and your company as well by availing of a business phone system from RIngCenrtal. It provides your telecommunications system with features and service that an Ottawa & Hull area code number cannot give to your business.

RingCentral features include the voicemail and a voicemail inbox in its services. Voicemails enable you to use prerecorded messages to send information to your clients, employees and business partners. It can also be used to inform customers of any changes in the costs of your company's products and services. Voicemail inbox is where unattended calls and messages are sent to. This feature comes in handy, especially during busy business hours. When you receive a call during a meeting or when you are talking with another client, you can forward the call to the voicemail inbox. The same process is also done with unattended messages. When you are no longer busy, you can listen to the calls and messages that have been forwarded to the voicemail inbox. This gives you the ability to attend to calls and messages at a time that is convenient for you and not at the time that they arrived.

Although your company is the one that is going to pay for the costs of the incoming calls made, the benefits that you can derive from this number would far outweigh the expense you will pay. Incoming calls received by your organization will be multiplied with this feature. Additionally this feature significantly enhances the performance of your business phone system. When your incoming calls increase, so does the profit that you would generate from those calls. Having a toll free number is indeed a worthwhile investment.