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Richmond Hill Area Code 289

A geographical split of area code 416 resulted in the conception of the Richmond Hill area code. The split happened to prevent the fast depletion of area code numbers and also to delineate the areas. Another factor that has contributed to the splitting is the large size of the location that the 416 area code once governed. The Richmond Hill area code is also known as the 905 area code. Splitting of areas provided callers some guide on what area code to use.

The original Richmond Hill area code includes the Toronto proper and nearby surrounding areas, while the other area code governs the suburbs of Toronto. This geographical split resulted into a form of stereotyping. Callers already have some expectations when they are calling to a Richmond Hill area code. Some associate companies and individuals owning the 905 area code having typical suburban traits and characteristics.

When the Richmond Hill area code was nearly used up, authorities proposed of using an overlay area code. They used it instead of geographically splitting the area to prevent another set of wrong labeling based on area code numbers. The area code overlay for Richmond was the 289 area code. This meant that a building in Richmond could possess both area code 905 and its overlay 289 area code. This is because area code 905 and it is the 289 area code covers the same area.

Though using an overlay code was effective in removing stereotyping among the phone owners, it produced another negative effect. It confused callers. They now have two area codes that they need to remember when they need to call a Richmond Hill local number. Area codes are important when calling in the Richmond area, especially with the 10-digit dialing system in effect. In this system, a caller must input 10 figures in their phone when they want to contact somebody through the Richmond Hill local number.

Businesses in the Richmond area are also affected by this system. Some of them have a harder time of recruiting new clients. There are also times when companies lose their customers because they forgot the area code and only remember the Richmond Hill local number. This is a possible scenario that might happen to your business if you would just rely on the 10-digit dialing system.

You need the services of RingCentral business phone system to prevent these things from happening to your company. Their business phone system provides toll free numbers for your communication system. Toll free numbers aid in increasing the number of incoming calls that your organization would receive. Incoming calls will increase because these calls will be free for those who call. It is your company that will be paying for the costs of the call. They also provide your business with a vanity number that is easier to remember than a set of area code and jumbled numbers.

Call screening and call blocking also comes with their services. These features are very important when you own a toll free number. Call screening allows you to know important information about the caller before the call is connected. Interested clients are not the only ones that are encouraged by toll free numbers but it would also inspire non-business related callers to contact your organization. Call screening and call blocking are essential features if you have a toll free number service. They eliminate the problems of paying for unnecessary calls and allow you to save on your communication expense.