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Stittsville-Kanata Area Code 613

Conceived on October 1947, the Stittsville-Kanata area code was one of the 86 original area codes bestowed upon the state of Canada. During that time, the Stittsville-Kanata area code was known as the 613 area code. It used to govern all Northern Ontario cities and communities, as well as some parts of Southwestern Ontario before parts of it were used to form another Ontario area code. The number of locations under the Stittsville-Kanata area code was downsized because it was just too big. To prevent rapid depletion, certain areas from the original area code were removed. Nowadays, the 613 area code covers Ottawa and nearby Eastern Ontario districts.

Removing the places using the 613 area code proved to be an effective solution. The places that are being covered by the Stittsville-Kanata area code are not as populous and the number of businesses established on that location would pale in comparison to other areas. Moreover, the solution done was effective in giving convenience to callers in the Stittsville-Kanata area.

The ease that it gives to its constituents was further felt when the implementation of the 10-digit dialing system became mandatory on October of 2006. This system requires the callers to dial the Stittsville-Kanata area code before the Stittsville-Kanata local number. Since Stittsville-Kanata only had one area code, callers only need to memorize one if ever they will make a call to a Stittsville-Kanata local number. Even if it is not as convenient as before, it still is easier to have a single area code to remember rather than two.

Though the Stittsville-Kanata is better off than other provinces, it does not change the fact that a caller still needs to dial an area code before the Stittsville-Kanata local number to make a call. With the aid of a business phone system, you can free your business such constraints. Being able to do so would give your company a competitive advantage among other companies and would also aid in ensuring the success of your business.

RingCentral business phone system is just what you need for your business. It will enable you to eliminate the problems and complications brought about by the 10-digit dialing system. It also provides your business with one of the most sophisticated communication systems available today. They have a wide array of phone systems that you can choose from. RingCentral also has several plans that you can choose from based on the needs and the capabilities of your organization, ranging from products designed to fit small businesses to appliances that suit the needs of multinational companies.

You can still get the Internet fax feature no matter what service plan you choose from RingCentral. This feature comes free upon the purchase of any business phone system from their company. Fax papers, ink, and paper jams will never be a problem in your business due to this innovative feature on-board your communications system. This feature saves your business from spending cash that you might need to use for other business purposes. Being dependent on telephone lines is also a thing of the past since it uses the Internet as its medium.