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Thornhill Area Code 289

The Thornhill area code was originally the 905 area code. It was created out of the split that happened with area code 416 on October 1993. The Thornhill area code covers most of the greater suburban Toronto area. As time passed and as population continued to grow, the supply of the pioneer Thornhill area code was nearly depleted. The overlay 289 area code was created to meet the need for new phone numbers in the future. This resulted to having two area codes being utilized in Thornton: area code 905 and the 289 area code. On November 2005, the original Thornhill area code was depleted. As a result, the 289 area code became the sole area code that can be provided for new phone owners and users.

Since the 10-digit dialing system was conducted on the whole province of Ontario, the use of area codes became a requirement. No call to a Thornhill local number can be connected without also dialing either of the two Thornhill area codes. This is the way the communication system works in Ontario. It is the same process that all callers in the Thornhill area need to follow. Calling to a Thornhill local number would still compel them to dial the area code, else their call will not be connected. This is how communication works even if someone just wants to contact their neighbor. And because of having two area codes, calling to a Thornhill local number would not only demand callers to remember the exact local numbers but also the appropriate area code.

There are a number of ways in which you can counter these problems. One of the easiest ways is by getting a sophisticated phone system that have the latest features. More importantly, this telecommunications system should also be cost-effective. If you are looking for a phone system that has these qualities, you can rely on RingCentral.

RingCentral business phone systems provide professional recordings that are unbelievably inexpensive. This feature helps you to project a big business image to your customers. When clients perceive your company as one, they would invest more on your company, resulting to greater profits earned. Its professional recording system is so easy to modify that you need not be an expert on telephony products to create your own recording.

It also gives your telecommunication system with the music on hold feature that would aid in inspiring your callers to wait on the line rather than hang up. You can even create your own customized voice messages or choose among the many prerecorded music that the RingCentral system already has. Voice messages can also be used to inform your clients about modifications, changes and upgrades in your products and services.

With all the benefits mentioned above, it is no surprise that RingCentral is among the leading service providers in the telecommunication industry. There is no other telephony product that gives one much profits without investing much cash. Getting RingCentral gives your company a significant leverage over your competition. Every minute that you don't have this system means that you are losing out on the advantages that it gives. Avail of this product now and experience the benefits that it provides.