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Toronto Area Code 416

The Toronto area code, also known as the 416 area code, is one of the original area codes given to the state of Canada. This area code was administered on 1947 and is being utilized in central Toronto. The Toronto area code has already undergone many changes since its creation. The western part of the 416 area code was removed to be serviced by another area code. This was the area code 519 and it happened way back 1953.

In the early years of the 20th century, the segments of the Toronto area code outside of the city of Toronto were separated to form area code 905. The split later produced some labeling between area code 416 owners and the owners of the new area code. Those that are residing within the city of Toronto are at times referred to as the 416ers. Meanwhile, those that live outside of the city are called the 905ers.

The Toronto area code has undergone many changes because of the rate of consumption of phone numbers by its residents. Since Toronto is the center of the business industry in the Ontario area, it also means that it has the fastest rate of phone number exhaustion. Another alternative that they used is to supplement the stock of phone numbers through the use of an overlay area code. The Toronto area code overlay is 647, which was first initiated in 2001. It became Toronto's official area code when the 416 area code was all used up in the late months of 2005. Since there is no longer any other area codes available, area code 647 is the number given to new phone owners and mobile phone users.

The 10-digit dialing system is required in the Toronto area. This is the practice of dialing the area code of a Toronto local number. This system is more relevant to dialing a long-distance call since it also requires the use of an area code. Callers to a Toronto local number are now given an additional dialing requirement. With the 10-digit dialing system, callers find it more troublesome to call places that have area code overlays. A good example is the Toronto area, since it has two area codes in use and callers not only need to input the correct Toronto local number but also the corresponding area code that it uses. These factors could affect the growth and success of any company that is based in the Toronto area.

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