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Unionville Area Code 289

The Unionville area code was developed on October 1993 from its separation with area code 416. It is just one of the many area codes that are used in Ontario. Since Ontario is Canada's most populous province, it only follows that it would require a large amount of phone numbers to meet the demands of its residents. This is the reason why Ontario employs a lot of area codes and several area code overlays, which includes the Unionville area code, along with its area code overlay. And the overlaid area code they've agreed upon for the place of Unionville is the 289 area code.

Now, the Canadian Radio-Television Commission (CRTC) is the one responsible for meeting the needs of people and companies based in the Ontario region. And they've imposed several ways to address the problem of number shortage. The first thing they did was to geographically split the area, by dividing them into municipalities. Next was they realigned boundaries that resulted to half of the place getting the new area code while the remaining half dealt with using the original area code. The third way they applied is to utilize overlay area codes. These overlay area codes were to be employed in the same areas where the current area code is being used. Among the three, the overlay code was the solution selected to be used for the dilemma faced by the Unionville area code, and this resulted to the creation of the 289 area code. This proved to be an effective solution for increasing the supply of Unionville local number.

As the 10-digit dialing system of Canada was employed on the province of Ontario, it increased the usage of Unionville area code. The standard 10-digit dialing, which was widely implemented in the area, uses the Unionville area code together with the Unionville local number when making a call. This is unlike the traditional 7-digit dialing system that only required the Unionville local number to be keyed in. Callers to and from Unionville are then enforced to dial 10 digits on their phone otherwise their calls will not be connected. And because Unionville has an overlay area code, there is a possibility that the same area would have different area codes. Local callers would therefore need to enforce 10-digit dialing, which is obviously time consuming and very confusing.

Another disadvantage that this system has is that it provides limited mobility for mobile phones. The area codes restrict the coverage area of mobile phones due to the geographical assignment designated upon these phones. This is a big problem for companies that usually do their business on the road. Their place of business will now be limited in respect to the capabilities of their mobile phones.

If your company is based on areas using the 10-digit dialing system and mobility in your business is a must; then your company would certainly appreciate the aid of RingCentral business phone system. Their auto-attendant feature allows you to receive business calls even if you are not in the vicinity of your office. It gives you the convenience of doing business on the road without worrying about missing any calls. It has call transfer and call forwarding options that would enable you to relay calls, messages and even faxes to your mobile phone. The best thing about this is that it has no restriction on its coverage area. Therefore, you can still receive important information from New York even if your business is located in Unionville. Now that is tangible freedom in communication.