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Windsor Area Code 519

On 1953, parts of area code 613 and 416 were used to form the Windsor area code or more commonly known as the 519 area code. Most of the communities and cities located in Southwestern Ontario also employ the Windsor area code. On 1957, portions from both the 519 area code and area code 613 were used to create area code 705. Currently, the Windsor area code is in the middle of area codes 705 and 905.

This was the first step taken by authorities to decrease the pace of area code number exhaustion. Another way that they tried was the use of area code overlays for the existing area codes. The area code overlay system was also utilized for the Windsor area code. The area code overlay for the 519 area code was area code 226. The areas covered by the 519 area code are also the same areas that will use the overlay area code 226.

Upon the implementation of the 10-digit system in the state of Canada, callers must dial 10 digits unto their phones or their call will not get through. The 10 figures used in the Windsor area are composed of the Windsor area code and the Windsor local number.

The transition from using the traditional 7-digit to 10-digit dialing was born out of necessity. It was created as another solution to the rapid rate of phone number supply depletion. By adding 3 more digits to the Windsor local number, a new batch of phone numbers were available for use to consumers. As a result, a phone number in Windsor could be duplicated, meaning that a certain Windsor local number could be owned by two separate phone users. It's a good thing however that they have different area codes.

With this scenario in mind, businesses are then obliged to avail of the other “twin” number of their business phone. Otherwise, their callers might end up dialing the wrong area code and be directed to the other owner. Conversely, they would most likely receive calls that are addressed for the other number and waste valuable time answering calls that aren't meant for them. Now, it can be very annoying receiving calls that are not meant for you. But it is even more frustrating for businesses to have customers calling and be directed to other areas. Even if companies would advertise and keep on reminding their clients there will be instances of lost and missed calls due to Windsor having multiple area codes, there is great difficulty in preventing this from happening.

Lest you want these things to happen to your company, you should take the necessary actions. An effective phone system should be on the top list of your priorities. You also need to consider several requirements for this telecommunication system. Among the requirements that you need to point out is the product's functionality and affordability. The first requirement would really help your company's communication instantly improve while the latter would aid your company in maintaining the system running for a long time.

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