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Dorval Area Code 514

One of the original 86 area codes that were given to North America was the Dorval area code. It is an area code that governs the entire Island of Montreal and some communities located on the Canadian province of Quebec. The Dorval area code or the 514 area code, its numerical equivalent, was granted in 1947. During its initial stages, the Dorval area code was employed in the western part of the Quebec province. Ten years later, the area covered by the 514 area code was reduced. Its area of governance is composed of nearby regions of Montreal. The 514 area code has its own area code overlay, which is the 438 area code that was used on the late months of 2006.

In the transition that happened to the Canadian telecommunication system, businesses were greatly affected by this change. From being used to dialing 7-digits when making a call, callers are now required to key in 10 digits to make a call. This happened due to the mandatory 10-digit dialing imposed on the city of Dorval. With this dialing system in effect, the caller must input the Dorval area code ahead of the Dorval local number.

These numbers are not interchangeable. The Dorval local number must follow the Dorval area code and not the other way around. Even a single wrong input would invalidate the call. It is also necessary for calls made in that area locally. This means that dialing long-distance and calling to a Dorval local number works in the same way. All local callers would have to input 10 digits for their call to connect. This in itself is a definite disadvantage. This is because it gives a caller more numbers to dial.

Reprogramming of communication tools is also brought about by this new system of communication. To reprogram is to modify and add the new area code to the programmed speed-dial and the registered numbers of office phones, mobile phones and faxes. This would require the company to spend a considerable amount of time, energy and money. This is one of the major disadvantages that businesses previously using the 7-digit dialing system are experiencing. The usage of the 10-digit dialing would require practice and time in order for it to become an effective means of communication for companies.

To be successful, businesses must be able to turn these disadvantages into an advantage for them. Much better yet if they can provide an efficient alternative to the 10-digit dialing system. One clear solution to this problem is by getting a top-of-the-line business phone system that would be able to address all these telecommunication problems. If you are looking for such a system, then you definitely need the products and services of RingCentral.

RingCentral telephony products belong to the upper echelon of the telecommunications industry. Their products are not only full of features but are also cost-effective. RingCentral is able to combine all your communication tools such as Internet fax, mobile phones and even extensions into a single system. This hastens the dissemination of information in your company. With this feature installed, all workers will know the current information with regards to your business. All employees will also be notified of all the changes in the company. This in turn, would give them the ability to properly address the needs of clients since they are well-informed of all the things that are happening within the company.