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Lachine Area Code 514

On the first day of January in 1947, the Lachine area code was put into service. It was also during this time that the rest of the original Canadian area codes were distributed to their respective locations. The area code assigned to Lachine was the 514 area code. Some years after that, some parts originally governed by the Lachine area code was geographically separated to form another area code. On the late 90's some parts of the 514 area code were used to form yet another area code. The Lachine area code was cut into a smaller area was done to prevent the fast exhaustion of the 514 area code.

Back then, households used to have just a single phone. This was the reason why the stock of Lachine area code took a long time before being depleted. But as technology improved and population grew, the demand for new phone numbers caught up with the supply of the Lachine area code. The popularity of mobile phones and dial-up Internet along with the use of the fax machine has contributed much to this event. Additionally, the number of phones in the household increased. Almost all of the household members now have their own personal phone. These are the causes of the decrease in the quantity of area codes. Due to this phenomenon, the area code overlay for the Lachine area was created. Area code 438 is its overlay and was used in the late months of 2006, which is also near the time when the 10-digit dialing system became a prerequisite.

This new way of dialing is not only employed in Lachine but to the whole state of Canada as well. This system only connects calls that are made by dialing 10 digits on the phone. Calls that are only dialed using the Lachine local number will not get through. Calling to another phone number in the same area would also be done in the same way. Aside from the traditional Lachine local number that callers are used to, they would now have to include the area code.

Although this system was successful in providing additional supply of numbers, it also caused problems for the communication processes of companies. Companies that are used to promote their company contact number through the Lachine local number must now also add the area code being utilized. Not doing so would be detrimental to the growth of the organization. This is because the company will not be reached anymore using just the local number.

As a business owner, you should be the one that is in control of your of your communication system and not the other way around. The 10-digit dialing system restricts your company from achieving an excellent telecommunication system. On the other hand, RingCentral business phone systems give you the most flexible phone system that is available.

It has the Softphone feature that gives your company flexibility and management over your communication processes. This enables you to modify the setting when receiving and sending calls. When you are receiving calls, you are given the ability to view the important information of the caller before the call is connected. It gives you the option of answering, rejecting or forwarding the call to your voicemail. You can also permanently block a specific number. Sending or outgoing calls gives you the option of transferring the call to other number extension or send it to voicemail.