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Laval-Chomedy Area Code 450

The split of area code 514 resulted in the creation of the Laval-Chomedy area code. It was put into service way back in June of 1998. This area code is used to classify the geographic region of Laval-Chomedy in reference to the areas that employ the previous area code number. The Laval-Chomedy area code also serves as an identifying factor in finding the specific location of that area when callers dial that number. The Laval-Chomedy area code is located outside the boundaries of area code 514 and its area code overlay 438. It is bound by area code 819 on the northern part of the Canadian map and the 343/613 area code on the Southwestern part.

Currently, Laval-Chomedy is utilizing a sole area code, the 450 area code. There was a constant rise in the number of mobile phones, fax machines, pagers and other gadgets that require the use of telephone lines. As a result of this trend, the supply of the 450 area code was rapidly declining. This scenario further increased the demand for new phone numbers. For their part, the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Commission) has come up with a plan to supplement the supply of Laval-Chomedy area code. Their plan was to have an overlay on the 450 area code. This resulted in the creation of the 579 as its area code overlay. This will be put into use on the latter half of this year.

The 10-digit dialing system was also used to add to the stock of phone numbers in Canada. It is a new way of dialing that would require callers within the premises of Laval-Chomedy to add the area code when they make a call to a Laval-Chomedy local number. This system breaks the routine of the callers when inputting just the Laval-Chomedy local number. This makes calling a more tedious task. Calling local numbers will not be much of a problem for those that constantly dial these numbers. This is because they know these numbers by heart. The only problem here is that they will now have to add the area code when they make a call.

Compared to other areas, calling to a Laval-Chomedy local number is easier. Callers only need to remember one area code. Businesses benefit too from this fact. But what if the supply of this area code will all be used up? Will you be willing to risk using the area code overlay as a substitute, especially if you are planning to purchase additional phone lines? The obvious answer to the latter question would be no. You would not want to confuse your clients with a different set of area codes for your business.

RingCentral business phone system will be the answer to the dilemma that you are having. It can provide your business with an unlimited number of extensions that can all be accessed using one central main number. This feature gives your company room to grow. You can add new extensions without worrying about the commonality it will have with your previous phone numbers. Furthermore, these extensions can be located anywhere as long as they are registered with the RingCentral system.