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Laval - Pont Viau Area Code 450

The Laval-Pont Viau area code is an area code that is currently being used in the province of Quebec in Canada. It is also known as the 450 area code. The Laval-Pont Viau area code surrounds the areas that are governed by area code 514 and its overlay area code 438. On a geographical scale, 514 and its overlay area code 438 are located inside the 450 area code. The Laval-Pont Viau area code is being employed in areas that are adjacent to the parts of Ontario such as: Chute-a-Blondeau and East Hawkesbury. Communities near Pointe-Fortune also employ the same area code.

Compared to other cities in Quebec, the population increase in Laval - Pont Viau can still be supplemented by the 450 area code. Eventually, the supply of area code numbers will decline and be exhausted. As a solution to this pressing problem of number shortage, the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Commission) provided the Laval-Pont Viau area code with its own overlay area code. It will be in operation in August of this year. This was the solution done by CRTC to avoid further splitting the areas involved into smaller bits and pieces. Another thing that they have considered is that boundaries of phone networks do not follow the same pattern of boundaries that cities and communities have. This results in overlapping of several area codes within a given location, which would cause confusion to callers.

Having an overlay area code also has negative backdrops. Every phone call made on the Laval - Pont Viau area, even to somebody just across the street, will require the caller to not only dial the Laval-Pont Viau local number but the Laval-Pont Viau area code as well. All callers have to key in 10 numbers on their phone in order for their call to hook up. There is no shortcut to this system. Calls that are dialed with only the Laval-Pont Viau local number punched in will not get through.

Companies based on Laval - Pont Viau are the ones directly affected from this change in the telecommunication system. At the onset of the implementation, they must be able to inform their current clients and new customers about this system of dialing. They now must also incorporate the area code into the Laval-Pont Viau local number in each of their business cards and promotional materials. Customers should be the first ones to be notified when such changes occur. If your customers do not have this information, then your organization will lose potential profit. The problem here is that in order to relay information, you need to incur substantial costs. Such expenses would be hard to compensate for small and medium scale businesses.

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