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Montreal Area Code 514

The Montreal area code is also the same area code being used by île-Perrot and île Bizard. This area code has been one of the longest area codes that serve Canada. In fact, it is one of the 86 original area codes given to Canada way back in 1947. The Montreal area code is also called the 514 area code. When they assigned these area codes to different locations in Canada, they did not expect the population to rapidly increase. This rise in the number of residents also caused the usage of phones to increase. As a result, the stock of Montreal area code numbers was on the decline. As a solution, they decided to split the once big area of 514 area code and create another area code. This will then be used for the new location.

The solution proved to be efficient for some time, but the numbers of 514 area code still decreased. On 1998, there was another split that happened to the Montreal area code. The 450 area code was the result of such an occurrence. Even with all the separations and divisions done with the Montreal area code, its supply would eventually run out. Instead of doing the same thing done in the past, an area code overlay was created to reinforce the inventory of phone numbers. The overlay area code was 438.

Both of the pioneer area code and its overlay area code 438 are used when making a call to a Montreal local number. Both are needed since the 10-digit system is administered in the area. When placing a call to Montreal local number, callers are compelled to dial either of those area codes. Calls that are not dialed with an area code will not be connected. Instances like this would cause businesses to lose customers. Lost customers equals to lost profits.

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