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Montreal(Roxboro) Area Code 514

The Montreal (Roxboro) area code was one of the given 86 pioneer Numbering Plan Areas. It was put into service in 1947. It used to cover the western half of the province until it was split in 1957 to form the parts of area code 819. This was not the only time that the Montreal (Roxboro) area was modified. In 1998, its remaining parts were further broken into smaller pieces to form the 450 area code. The 514 area code is its numerical equivalent. Currently, the Montreal (Roxboro) area code covers some of the Quebec province in Canada, specifically areas in the Montreal area.

All of the split that happened with the 514 area code were done to prevent its depletion. There was no significant increase in the demand for phone numbers in that area from 1957 to 1998. With the advent of technology and the gadgets that come with it, the consumption of phone numbers was at an all time high. The stock of the 514 area code was rapidly decreasing. The invention of mobile phones, pagers and Internet dial-ups were the main reason. All of these new devices will utilize their own set of numbers and telephone lines. This resulted to the burgeoning demand for new numbers and Montreal (Roxboro) area code.

It was in 2006 where an overlay area code was created for Montreal (Roxboro). This was what they did to answer the clamor for new phone numbers. With the new area code overlay in service, there are currently two Montreal (Roxboro) area codes that are being employed in the area. Both of these area codes are used in the 10-digit dialing system enforced on the province. The caller would have to dial either of the 2 area code and the Montreal (Roxboro) local number to connect their calls. This gives callers additional numbers to remember aside from the Montreal (Roxboro) local number. These area codes will never be a substitute for the other. Callers must be cautious when placing their calls. An incorrect dial of the area code would connect their calls to another place. Even if they are able to input the appropriate Montreal (Roxboro) local number they will not be connected to the place that they want to call.

As much as possible, callers would want to avoid this type of situation. This kind of situation would also be bad for a business. Customers who are constantly troubled by this issue might look for other companies. If this would hold true for most clients, then your company is in big trouble. The inefficiency and inconvenience of your communication system would be the downfall of your organization.

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