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Pointe-Claire Area Code 514

When the Pointe-Claire area code was created, it covered the western half of the province of Quebec. It was in 1947 when the Pointe-Claire area code or the 514 area code was utilized in a very large area. The Pointe-Claire area code is one of the first area codes that were assigned to Canada. In 1957, some regions covered by the 514 area code were separated to create another area code. The area code that was born out of this separation was area code 819. This reduced the boundary of the area code of Pointe-Claire to regions near Montreal. This boundary was further condensed into a much smaller region in 1998 when another area code was generated. The 450 area code is the result of that condensing process.

The 514 area code was given an area code overlay in 2006, which was area code 438. The overlay area code 438 was originally meant to be used for both area codes 514 and 450, but the decision was later rejected. This happened because the supply of area code 514 was depleted faster than 450. With an area code overlay in service, the Pointe-Claire area and its adjacent regions would employ 2 area codes. Owners of the first area code will keep the old digits. The new area codes will be used by companies and residents who have newly acquired a phone in that area. Both of these area codes will be used in the Island of Montreal and a few communities that are located nearby.

The original area code and its overlay must be used when placing a call to the areas that they govern. These numbers became required when the 10-digit dialing system was put into service. This dialing system has forever changed the telecommunication system of Quebec, as well as the other cities and provinces in the state of Canada. In this system, a caller must dial the Pointe-Claire area code together with the Pointe-Claire local number to connect a call in that location. Callers who use the old method of 7-digit dialing when they call to a certain location in Pointe-Claire will not get their calls connected. A call done with just the Pointe-Claire local number will not get through.

This change also had a profound effect upon businesses based on that location. They have to reset their call forwarding and call transfer options. Their old system of transferring calls to Pointe-Claire local number will not reach the intended recipient since it would also require an area code. Companies would have to reorganize their telecommunication system. This would require a large sum of cash to be successful.

If you have a business based in Pointe-Claire then you need to think of another way aside from resetting your whole system. You can avoid all these hassles and expenses by simply purchasing the products of RingCentral. They provide your company with a sophisticated phone system that would not be affected by the complications brought by the 10-digit dialing system. Their call forwarding and call transfer features are far more superior to what other service providers can offer. It is not restricted by area code boundaries. It gives your telecommunication system the ability to relay calls in locations that are beyond the boundaries of the Pointe-Claire area code.