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Quebec City Area Code 418

The area code that has 581 as its overlay area code is the Quebec City area code. It is also referred to as the 418 area code. The area code overlay was administered when there was no available supply of Quebec City area code for new phone numbers. This happened just two years ago. From its creation up until 2008, the 418 area code was the sole area code being used by the residents of Quebec City. The 418 area code is one of the initial area codes given to North America.

Long before the Quebec City area code needed an area code overlay, it was already employed in a large area. It was administered to the Eastern and Northwestern half of Quebec. The size of the area that it governed contributed greatly to its depletion. The fact that it took some time before running out made preparations to counter the problem of number shortage more feasible. Quebec City area code used an area code overlay to augment the supply of phone numbers rather than to divide the region to several parts with different area codes.

This system of adding an overlay code was much better than what have been done in the past. When a geographical split is done, there will be places that must change their area codes. It would happen if their region is among those that will be included in the split. This would require them to convert their phone numbers to the new area code where they now belong. It is a troublesome and expensive process that an organization must go through. This is the main reason why the area code overlay was the method used in Quebec City.

While using an area code overlay has its advantages, it also had its drawbacks. This would require a call to a Quebec City local number be made by dialing 10 digits. It is only natural to key in 10 figures in the phone since there are 2 area codes being used in the city. Another disadvantage it brought with it is that it confounds callers. They now have a harder time to distinguish what area code to use when they would dial to a Quebec City local number.

Delineating the geographical boundaries of the Quebec City area code would be difficult, if not impossible, to do. Telephone networks and regional territories do not have the same boundaries. Telephone network borders would overlap regional territories. A certain zone would be using both the original area code and its overlay area code. This would give callers a hard time in contacting a company. It might even cause some of them to find another company.

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