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Quebec Area Codes

514 - Dorval Area Code
514 - Lachine Area Code
450 - Laval - Chomedy Area Code
450 - Laval - Pont Viau Area Code
450 - Longueuil Area Code
450 - Marieville Area Code
514 - Montreal Area Code
514 - Montreal Roxboro Area Code
514 - Pointe Claire Area Code
418 - Quebec City Area Code
418 - Quebec City Ste-Genevieve Area Code
819 - Sherbrooke Area Code
514 - St-Marc Area Code
450 - Varennes Area Code
450 - Vercheres Area Code
514 - ile-Perrot Area Code

There are currently 4 Quebec area codes in use: 514, 418, 450 and 819. Aside from these, Quebec also makes use of several area code overlays. The 514 area code is used in the Island of Montreal and Greater Montreal. It has area code 438 as its overlay. The 418 area code includes areas located in Eastern Quebec such as Bas-Saint-Laurent and Capitale-Nationale, among many others. Area code 581 is its area code overlay. Governing off-island suburbs of Montreal is area code 450. It also has an area code overlay, which is the 579 area code that authorities expect to be used sometime this year. Western, Northern and South-Eastern Quebec are covered by the 819 area code.

There are many Quebec area codes being used because Quebec is Canada's largest province. One must also take note that Quebec is next to Ontario in terms of population among Canadian provinces. Having a large population would equate to a considerable number of phone numbers being used. This factor also contributed to the reason why there are many Quebec area codes and overlay area codes in use.

When the 10-digit dialing system became mandatory last October 21, 2006, the keying of Quebec area codes along with local numbers became required when making a call to Quebec. Dialing only Quebec numbers or the Quebec local numbers will not connect your call. This impresses the need for implementing the 10-digit dialing system. Callers will have to add the corresponding area codes before the Quebec numbers or the Quebec local numbers in order for their calls to connect.

Now, the abundance of Quebec area codes and overlay area codes being used in the area give callers a troublesome time. Some of them mistake the area code for others, thereby wrongly placing their calls. For instance, they have correctly dialed the Quebec numbers and the Quebec local numbers but mistakenly inputted the area code. As a result, their calls are then directed to other regions in Quebec. Worst case scenario is, their calls end up getting connected to another country. Now, the time, money and effort they wasted in placing these erroneous calls is something they cannot get back.

These problems in communication will not only be troublesome for customers but would also be detrimental to companies that serve them. There is a high chance that customers will find a hard time in contacting your business and will become less interested in the products and services that you offer. This would oftentimes lead to customers leaving your company and looking for alternative organizations that also provide the same products and services.

You can avoid losing customers by properly addressing the root of the problem. Since the main cause of this starts with communication, it is only natural that you find a telecommunications system that will be able to remove all of these problems. The RingCentral business phone system is the answer to all of your communication woes.

The feature that would directly address the confusion of your customers when they call is the vanity number. A vanity number gives your company your own unique phone number. This distinct contact number would enable your company to stand out among the rest of the competition. This number can also be used to directly promote your products and services.

Aside from the vanity number, RingCentral also provides toll-free numbers, voicemail and Internet fax among many others. These features would help enhance your telecommunications system and removes the problem of losing any customers due to poor communication processes.