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Sherbrooke Area Code 819

The Sherbrooke area code was put into service on January 1, 1957. It was generated from a geographical split that happened with one of the original Canadian area codes. It is also sometimes called the 819 area code. The Sherbrooke area code is just one of the several area codes that serve the province of Quebec. In the 1970’s, places that were once governed by area code 418 were assigned to the 819 area code as substitutes. This was done in order to start receiving direct distance dialing in those areas involved.

After receiving more areas from 418, area code 819 continued to expand. It spread out from Stanstead, Quebec to the Northwestern territories including most of Western Quebec. This made it the biggest area code in the province of Quebec. In 1997, some regions covered by the 819 area code was separated and given area code 867.

The Sherbrooke area code is surrounded by several area codes that are comprised of area code 613, 705, 418, 403, 204, 807, 709 and 514. The Sherbrooke area code is currently being used in other Western Quebec locations such as Gatineau, Ungaya Bay coastlines and the communities of the National Capital Region that are within Quebec.

Although the Sherbrooke area code covers the largest area among the area codes in Quebec, it contains some districts that do not have significant number of population. This is probably the reason why it is one of the few Canadian area codes that is yet to utilize the aid of an area code overlay. This means that when you call long distance to a Sherbrooke local number, you would only need to recall one area code number. Although it does not currently need an overlay, it already has one that is ready to be put into service once the number of area code 819 dwindles. Area code 873 is the planned overlay for area code 819.

The 10-digit dialing system is also mandatory in this part of Canada. Calling to this place would demand a caller to also input the area code along with the Sherbrooke local number. This is the standard way of making a call to Sherbrooke even if it’s a local one. Some callers may even confuse calling a Sherbrooke local number to a long-distance call. This is because they were used to dialing just 7 digits. Moreover, the amount of numbers used in a 10-digit dialing system is more akin to calling to an international phone number compared to calling a domestic number.

Those that are familiar with how the 10-digit dialing system works can easily distinguish which is which among the two. But for those who are not, they would be thinking twice before making a call. If your business is one of those that utilize this system of dialing, then you will find it hard to recruit new customers. Interested clients might be discouraged in calling your company. You can eliminate this problem by purchasing the services of RingCentral.

They will provide you with a business phone system equipped with a toll free number that would inspire clients to call your company. This number would allow them to call your company for free. With this feature installed on your communication system, you will be able to multiply the incoming calls that your company would receive. And as incoming calls increase, so does the number of your customers. This gives you a much better chance of recruiting clients than a 10-digit dialing system.