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St-Marc Area Code 514

At the beginning, the St-Marc area code was comprised of the entire Western region of Quebec, starting from the US border up to the Hudson Strait. This was its initial territory when it was created in 1947 along with other pioneer Canadian area codes. The St-Marc area code is also referred to as the 514 area code.

Years later after its creation, the St-Marc area code was divided into three distinct parts. The northern part was added to area code 418, the southern half remained part of the 514 area code, while communities and cities that are in between made up area code 819. The division was done to help solve the number shortage problem being experienced in the state of Canada.

The latest change in the areas using the St-Marc area code happened in 1998. Places like Varennes, Joliette and Boucherville were among the parts that got separated. These locations were then to utilize area code 450 instead of the previous area code 514. This method was used to solve two problems using one solution. First, it was done to minimize the coverage area of the St-Marc area code. Second, it was initiated as another way of decelerating the rate of depletion of the area code number supply in St-Marc.

On the later months of 2006, solving the problem posed by number shortage took on a different type of approach. Rather than to continuously split the regions covered by the area code of St-Marc, they used an area code overlay. This type of number is usable in the places that originally employ the pioneer area code. It means that there will now be 2 area codes that govern the aforementioned cities and communities.

The 438 area code was the overlay for the 514 area code. Both of these area codes will be used in the telecommunication process of the province. A caller must dial either of the two area codes before the St-Marc local number. This is how calls are placed in a 10-digit dialing system that was imposed on the whole state of Canada. Placing a call to a St-Marc local number by keying in just 7 figures will not work anymore.

Now this dialing would cause some inconvenience to callers that were used to the 7-digit dialing. This new way of calling a St-Marc local number would also cause your business some problems. Among the possible complications that it would bring to your company are: lost customers, lost profits and poor customer rapport. 10-digit dialing system would also require you to spend a substantial amount of cash to modify your communication gadgets to be compatible with the new system.

RingCentral business phone systems will not allow your company to experience such hassles and worries. They will provide you company with toll free numbers that would charge no fees for incoming calls. No matter where your customers are from, they can call your company without paying anything. This feature would enable you to keep your clients loyal and aids you in gaining new customers.

The great thing about this number is that is portable. This means that you can take this number wherever you go. Even if you are moving your business to another location, you can take this number with you. This removes the trouble of informing your clients of your new contact number since your number is still the same. It also saves you from spending on installation of a new phone line.