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Varennes Area Code 450

The 450 area code is an area code used by residents on an off-island suburb in southwestern Quebec, Canada called Varennes. Although many cities and towns in denser urban areas have 2 or more area codes, the Varennes area code is the only area code currently in use in the city. There are currently four area codes actively in use in the Montreal metropolitan area. The surrounding area codes are 438, 514, 579 and the Varennes area code is 450. Varennes is not the only suburb in Montreal utilizing this area code. Towns such as Beloeil, Boisbriand, Chambly, Chateauguay, and La Prairie are also within the scope of the 450 area code.

The area code 579 is a planned overlay for the 450 area code. This is to mean that it will be replaced by the 579 Area Code when its supply is depleted. The service date for the replacement of the new 579 area code is expected to be this August 2010. The 10-digit dialing system is also in effect in the province like all the provinces in Canada. When it comes to the 10-digit dialing system, a person must input 10 numbers to connect to Varennes local numbers.

Having a single area code gives the caller convenience when dialing since there will be less confusion compared to calling an area with multiple area codes. Denser urban areas have more than one area code. This puts callers in a situation wherein they will have to remember these numbers whenever they call. It can be very troublesome to be juggling with multiple numbers whenever a person plans to call, especially if that person is in a hurry. This is one reason why people are uneasy whenever they want to place calls on such numbers. Fortunately though, Varennes Area Code has only one as of the moment.

For businesses in Varennes, customers will not be confused whenever they dial a Varennes local numbers, since they only have a single area code to remember. Companies having Varennes local numbers also gain from having a sole area code. They will only need to post one area code along with their local number.

Even if companies located here are better off compared to those who employ different area codes, there is still a way in which companies can take further advantage of this situation. It is through availing of an outstanding business phone system. It should contain features that would greatly help the cause of your company. An example of such a feature is the auto-attendant. It is the service that is in charge of answering incoming calls, messages and faxes. It can also forward calls and send voice mails to the caller. These auto-attendants work 24 hours a day making it very reliable when it comes to handling numbers such as the Varennes area code.

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