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Verchères Area Code 450

The Verchères area code is currently being used in Montreal and in Montérégie in the province of Quebec. Also known as the 450 area code, the Verchères area code surrounds area code 514 and its respective overlay area code 438. In turn, it is enclosed by area codes 819 and 343 along with overlay code 613. The Verchères area code covers other off-island suburbs in Montreal such as Beloeil, Boisbriand, Chambly, Chateaurguay and Granby.

The suburb of Verchères only has a population of 5,243 residents as of the 2006 Canada Census. But considering the fact that population will always continue to increase, authorities have already prepared an overlay area code. The new set of numbers generated from this area code will be added to the supply of Verchères local numbers. The North American Numbering Plan Administrator or NANPA has assigned the area code 579 to be the overlay for Verchères area code. This area code overlay will be used on the middle of this year.

The Verchères area code overlay will be distributed throughout the regions of Southern Quebec which is currently serviced by the 450 area code. Major communities will be included in this new overlay such as Joliette, Granby, St-Hyacinthe, St-Jérôme, St-Lambert, Longueuil, Valleyfield, Ste-Thérèse, Sorel, Boucherville, Chomedey, St-Jean, Pont-Viau, and Laval-Ouest.

No changes will take place in the dialing plans within the area that is served by the 450 area code when the overlay area code will be utilized. All local calls including Extended Area Service calls will be following the 10-digit dialing system. Toll and alternatively billed calls will be dialed using the 10 digits after the appropriate prefix digits. The Telecommunications Service Providers (TSP) ensures that the 579 area code is activated throughout the area by June of 2010 both for international and domestic networks.

There is a negative effect in having an overlay on the current area code, especially with the 10-digit dialing system in effect. Every phone call made to a Verchères local numbers will have to include its respective area code. All callers will have to key in the local numbers plus the area code to connect their calls. This can be frustrating if you are living just across the street to the business you are trying to call. There are no shortcuts in such a system. Dialing only the Verchères local number will not get your call through. This would give both you and your clients a hard time in keeping the flow of communication open.

RingCentral business phone system can provide your company relief from all of those troubles. It would also provide your clients with the utmost ease in contacting your organization. They have call forwarding and call transfer features that help your customers maintain constant communication with your company and your employees. This excellent service will forward the client's call if it has not been answered for a specific time. Calls will be forwarded to other numbers that you have registered with the RingCentral system. It will be forwarded to different numbers until the call is answered. Diverting calls to a mobile phone is also possible and it will certainly decrease the occurrence of the call not being answered.