The RingCentral Connect Platform offers a family of cloud APIs and SDKs that provides developers direct access to voice, SMS, fax, account configuration, and communications data. Designed for scale, availability and speed, this developer platform leverages RESTful APIs to power connectivity to inbound and outbound RingCentral transactions and data.

How you can use RingCentral Connect

  • CRM Integration: Make your CRM work smarter by tightly integrating business communications into your CRM app
  • Send SMS and Faxes: Send and receive SMS and faxes while you’re working in your business apps
  • Click-to-dial: Enable one-click dialing directly within business apps to seamlessly initiate calls and reduce misdials
  • Call Reporting: Provide convenient access to call logs to generate reports and feed dashboards

Everything developers need to get started quickly

RingCentral Connect Platform is available to RingCentral customers using RingCentral Office Premium and Ultimate editions. Every developer gets access to development tools, enabling you to develop in a sandbox environment, manage your applications, and get developer support. Tutorials and SDKs help you get up to speed and start programming quickly. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive your personal sandbox account and an AppKey for your first app.

Showcase your apps in the App Gallery

The public App Gallery lets software vendors and system integration partners easily deploy their apps to customers. The App Gallery showcases and promotes all apps and integrations built using RingCentral Connect Platform, and provides instructions to users on how to install or set up 3rd party apps on RingCentral.