Audit Trail

Easily track system changes and solve configuration-related issues.

RingCentral Overview

Feature overview:

  • Access change logs for phone system, user, and RingCentral app admin settings.
  • Monitor failed online account login attempts by users.
  • Audit Trail provides a searchable account history of your phone system and changes to RingCentral app admin settings. This simplifies the management of large enterprise phone systems by helping admins resolve communication issues such as configuration and user login problems, as well as track changes made by others, using helpful self-serve tools.

Key features and benefits:

Detailed account history

Audit Trail provides reporting on:

Changes made within Service Web

  • Company info
  • Phone number
  • Auto attendant and IVR
  • Phone and device
  • User list and user role

Changes made within RingCentral app admin settings

  • Adding or removing admins
  • Company settings such as telephone service, ability to add guests, and file and giphy sharing
  • Data retention policy
  • Ability to export data for compliance

Changes made to call queue settings

  • Add, update, rename, delete call queue
  • Extension detail changes
  • Call handling settings
  • Greetings
  • Message settings
  • Notification settings
  • Changes made to hours
  • Overflow setting changes
  • Custom answering rule settings

User login attempts

  • Successful or failed online account logins

Audit Trail FAQs:

Who has access to Audit Trail?

  • Only web admins with Super Admin or Billing Admin credentials have access to Audit Trail.

How long is the system log viewable for? 

  • Audit Trail records are viewable for 90 days. Records can be exported to CSV for local storage.

What accounts are eligible for this feature?

  • This feature is automatically enabled for all RingCentral Office customers on all tiers.