RingCentral Office

Call Delegation

A single interface where you can view real-time presence of user extensions and efficiently manage multiple incoming calls from your desktop.

RingCentral call deligation

Feature overview:

  • Call Delegation is a visual, easy way for admin assistants who are placing calls on behalf of executives to manage a high volume of call transfers. It also simplifies the call experience for executives.
  • The Bridged Call Appearance functionality helps streamline exec-admin call delegation workflow between the RingCentral Phone™ desktop app and desk phones.
  • The “Delegated Calls” dashboard within the head-up display (HUD) offers a simplified view for assistants who manage multiple calls on behalf of more than one executive. Similarly, this offers a helping hand to office administrators who handle and transfer inbound calls daily to other extensions within the company.

Key features and benefits:

Line sharing between users within a delegation group

  • Assign up to 10 assistants to an executive or up to 10 executives to an assistant.
  • Ability to place/receive calls or hold/pick up calls within the delegation group.
  • Mixed endpoint modes allows executives to receive calls from provisioned desk phones while assistants manage them from the desktop.

Delegated Calls dashboard

  • A separate dashboard containing only delegated calls makes it easy for assistants to distinguish between their own active calls versus calls they manage on behalf of others.
  • Call ownership is clearly labeled, indicating when calls are handled and who is handling them. This helps avoid any confusion when assistants need to navigate between different active calls.
  • With Dynamic Conferencing, assistants also have the ability to convert an existing two-way call into an audio conference with up to 1,000 participants or launch a completely new conference.

Delegated Calls log

  • Both assistants and executives can view a record of delegated calls within their call logs, clearly labeled to distinguish them from their personal calls.


Which RingCentral Office® editions have Call Delegation?

  • Premium™ and Ultimate™ only, for accounts with Presence, Conference, and HUD service enabled.

Which RingCentral products is this feature available on?

  • Call Delegation is currently supported on the RingCentral Phone desktop app only.

How do you assign users to a delegation group?

  • The feature can be enabled by an account admin under User -> User List -> User with Extension -> Phones & Numbers -> Delegates.
  • Once setup is complete, executives will be able to view their list of assigned delegates from within their online accounts under User Settings -> Phones -> Delegates. Assistants won’t have the same visibility in the account, but will receive an email notification.

What is the recommended configuration for executives?

  • Within the Conference settings, enable “Join before host” to allow assistants to initiate an audio conference on the executive’s behalf.
  • Within Call Handling and Forwarding settings, enable the option for incoming calls to “Always ring for at least 30 seconds before forwarding is completed” to allow assistants adequate time to answer calls.