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International phone numbers

Create a virtual local presence over there while you’re over here.

RingCentral International Phone Numbers

Benefits of international phone numbers:

Easily expand into new markets with convenient local caller IDs.

  • Support your international customers with a local presence without having to set up regional offices. Select local or toll-free numbers for more than over 70 countries.
  • Inbound calls can be routed to any extension in your home country.
  • Easily expand your international business with affordable, international toll-free numbers.

Appear local to customers, no matter where you’re based.

  • Display an international number as your caller ID so customers feel as if they’re talking to someone who’s local.
  • Use international phone numbers on a variety of devices, from desk phones to mobile phones to RingCentral for Desktop, and be available anywhere while reinforcing your professional image.
  • Use one international number for both outbound voice calls and faxes.*

International phone numbers FAQs:

What is the difference between an international number and a Global Office number?

  • An international number serves as a caller ID to give you a virtual local presence when you do not have a physical office location in the country. All incoming calls to an international number will be routed to an extension in your home country.
  • Global Office extends your RingCentral cloud communications solution to your global workforce. Your colleagues in international locations have local numbers and included local calling plans and emergency services so they can easily make and receive calls and host online meetings with the same quality communications services. Learn more about RingCentral Global Office.

How do international numbers work?

  • Customers dial the international number, which appears as a local or toll-free number to them, and the call is routed to an extension in your home country. Incoming calls to an international local number are free for most of the countries. (Inbound calls to an international number for certain countries might be charged with a calling rate. Contact RingCentral Sales for details.) Incoming calls to a toll-free international number are billed at an affordable rate with per-minute charges.
  • Outbound calls or faxes from the home country to the international customer can display an international number as the caller ID so customers feel like they’re getting a local response. Standard international rates apply to outbound calls.

How do I request international numbers?

  • Contact your RingCentral sales representative to order and activate your international numbers.

How long does it take to get international numbers activated?

  • Your number will be activated in about 7–10 days after you request it.

Can I pick the city code for each international number?

  • Yes. We can accommodate your business needs. However, the selection might be limited.

Can I have more than one international number?

  • Yes. International numbers are available for more than 75 countries.

Can I get a toll-free international number?

  • Yes. Contact a RingCentral sales representative to order and activate your toll-free international number.

Can I pick an exact phone number as an international number?

  • No. This option is currently not supported.
*International rates apply.